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  1. 130FtNightVision

    Smart PSS Performance

    6 windows displaying sub-streams at H264 and only 32% cpu utilization. We're gonna need a bigger (boat) CPU. Thanks, Larry
  2. 130FtNightVision

    Smart PSS Performance

    Version 2.1 (re-branded Montavue version) on Windows 10 (64bit) on Intel i3-6100U with 12GB ram. Recording at H256. Once I open a second or third window in the live view the CPU tanks at about 90% with Smart PSS using most of the resources. Disk I/O is also high but seems like the CPU is hitting the limit. I realize that this is a 32bit application and that it isn't spawning more processes to handle multiple windows but wondering if any of the members here have experience with this and possibly improving the performance or have some guidance/advice. I've also looked on the Dahua and Amcrest site for details and am looking into a possible issue due to anti-virus or Windows Defender.