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  1. Stoner

    0804LE setup issues

    Oops - Its a Dahua 0804LE
  2. Hi, I have recently added a 4in1 2.4mp camera to my 0804LE system. I set it to Analog on the dip switches. 1. Will this machine handle any of the other camera settings - HD CVI, AHD or HDTVI please? 2. When I bring up the Web Interface on 192.168.........it fails to show any video from all cameras. Any ideas why? 3. When I use Config Tool it cannot find my system on the main screen but if I log in it sometimes opens another screen titled Config which lists all cameras. Several cams have 0 Bit Rate which is greyed out so unchangeable. When I try to save it says "Invalid Bitrate" how do I overcome this please? 4. The new camera started off with a pretty good picture in PSS V4.06, but since I've been messing with the config the picture is awful - generally running under 48kbps !!! Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I realise this must have been covered many times before but I cannot find it. My Dahua CCTV was working fine until Kaspersky IS updated, then my Automatic login Failed. No device found. Dahua Tech said install latest version of SPPS which I did, but my login still fails. I used the Config tool and my login was successful (I can view cameras OK) but I cannot see how to transfer the results to SPSS. I had previously changed my U/N & P/W from default. I can still login to SPSS from another PC. I have tried everything I can think of - can someone help please?