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  1. xzebra

    Help for 1st Time System

    I thank you all for your help and honesty, much appreciated, but didn't care to be put down and attacked. I know we all disagree, just looking for some assistance I understand what you are all telling me. Just not sure how to run the cables through the blown in insulation. Most kits only come with only so much cable and how would I run all the cables to my upstairs office given the circumstances? I like you idea and it makes a lot of sense, however I need to know how to do POE. Any guides that are helpful? I have seen several on Youtube, but they seem really low budget not carry where the cable is placed or how it looks. Thanks again for the feedback
  2. xzebra

    Help for 1st Time System

    Understood, however I have a few concerns and questions???? I am looking at a easy set up. My home is 3000+ sq ft with blown in insulation. So cables are not an easy install by all means. I rarely if ever leave the home for more than 5-7 days which most batteries would be fine, especially if charged before leaving. Do you have any other suggestions or ideas that may work without running a ton of cables in walls that are filled with foam?
  3. xzebra

    Help for 1st Time System

    Thanks Tom for the response. Would something like this work ok - https://www.lorextechnology.com/wire-free-security-system/wireless-system-with-2-rechargeable-wire-free-cameras/LWF1080W-62-1-p Not sure how good they are as I don't see many reviews on Youtube
  4. Hello, I want to install a outdoor camera system with about 2-4 cameras. I had a old buddy that had a Uniden System that saved everything on a SD Card with I personally like. I personally like the Arlo concept, although I don't think cloud based systems are the best. Don't personally feel safe and secure when anyone could really monitor what goes on in my neighborhood. With that said - I truly want a home based SD or other recordable system. As wireless as possible as I am not a fan of running a lot of wires, but with good nighttime recording. I personally would like to stay between $250-400 if possible. Camera 1 - Front area with some street lighting and near the front porch light - Heavy traffic Camera 2 - Back porch near slider - Lights usually off and dark at night. Spring and summertime has low to medium traffic Camera 3 - Backyard no lighting at night. Low to medium traffic in spring and summer Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated