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  1. BorrisCTV

    No Video Signal CCTV RG59

    This is my power supply set up sir, thank you.
  2. Someone, please help me on this issue... I have installed 4 CCTV Coaxial RG 59 polyethylene cables, each cable is 100 meters long and there are no sharp bends and no weight on the cables since I used 3mm steel cables to carry the weight of the cable between poles. I have checked the power at the end part of the cable and power is clean 12 volts, tested the cables for brakes by circulating power and the cables are fine. I have tried 3 different power supplies the result is the same. I have tested cameras by using shorter cable about 10 meters long and each time I got a clean video signal. I checked the BNC connectors for any installation faults but no the connections are fine and work as it should... Used 2 different DVR and the result is the same 10 meters works but 100 meters cable fails. I'm including a picture in my post about the cable which the specifications are included. It's in Turkish but the values can be seen since it's universal... Any help would be appreciated Thank you...