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    floureon ptz help

    Hi I'm relatively new to CCTV I have a swann 4400 which somehow I managed to set up ,I wanted a ptz camera but find my system is now dated to add a swann camera. I just got a floureon dm523hs ptz and ordered a floureon DVR I'm baffelled by the cables on the camera, the power lead is obvious . there is a single yellow/green wire I thought there should be 2 wires where is this wire meant to go? the other connector is the router type plug my DVr has bnc connectors,i realise im going to need an adapter but getting confused with what to get balluns ect. the manual seems vauge any help compile my shopping list much appreciated
  2. rusty spanner

    swann system

    hi all I have a swann dvr 4400 which although I struggled to set up I'm pleased with. after a recent raid on my property my system got very good footage, apart from the perpetrator's reg no. so I've decided to up my system with more cameras. I'm looking at swann pzr but it seems there hard to get now to suit the 4400 I like the look of one that's on flea bay Auto Tracking 960H 30x Zoom 1200TVL PTZ High Speed CCTV DOME Camera is there any way of this working on my system or can anyone advise different . I would like one that follows movement around thanks for any advice
  3. rusty spanner


    hi I'm new looking to expand my limited knowledge on cctv