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  1. delavardo

    Swann CCTV Model 91425H

    Thanks for the input. The reason I'm trying to do/get info the repair, is out of curiosity and also the fact that it could save money. I already have a replacement DVR but this little project will give me something to do. Again out of curiosity, do you know if it is a capacitor and size. Thanks in advance.
  2. delavardo

    Swann CCTV Model 91425H

    My DVR is not sending a signal to monitor, also, the HDD LED is not illuminating. Up to now I have checked the HDD and it is ok. I have taken the board out and noticed what I think is a damaged capacitor that is burnt to the board, on the side of the capacitor is 'S2". I have attached a photo of the said capacitor. Can anyone tell me if it is a capacitor or exactly what it is and where I could buy one. Having said all of that does anyone know if this is the problem. Thank you in advance. The said capacitor is the one lying flat in the middle