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  1. You do not need sonia.zip and videodeamon.zip since this are the two main "programs" running on the VTO and are included in the firmware already (off course). No clue why dahua adds them as a zip file in the firmware archives separate. You can get video via vlc and rtsp://vto_ip:554/ Dunno "MicroSIP", but green screen and dots sound like a video resolution issue to me. Does you client support h.264 video with 800x480px? Use jitsi on windows to check, what resolution is set in VTO for sip calls. Did you check "CGI Enable" in "Security"-Tab?
  2. Unfortunately the command: http://<ip>/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi? [channel=<channelNo>] from other Dahua IP cams does not work on my VTO. So I use this in a PHP script to grab a pic: $snapshot = shell_exec('avconv -y -i \'rtsp://admin:admin@vto_ip\' -f image2 -vframes 1 -pix_fmt yuvj420p /home/user/snapshot.jpg');
  3. No, I just own VTO's. Did you use internet explorer or any other browser?
  4. Why should a VTO2000A firmware work on a VTH1510C ? Off course not! But you better use General_VTH151X_Eng_SIP_V4.300.0000000.5.R.20181024. I uploaded it for you: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/8WXQAKJP9K8Z
  5. Just uploaded it here: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/4NKNMEJP0N52
  6. Hi! I highly recommend not to use any non-dahua sip clients with the VTO's sip server. I am not even sure if dahua devices run stable with it. Pls. use asterisk or any other supported sip server. BTW: just found a newer v4 sip firmware: General_VTOXXX_Eng_P_16M_SIP_V4.000.0000000.5.R.20181030.zip
  7. Did not yet try it by myself. All I noticed is, that when I start SmartPSS on a windows machine, tcp port 5000 opens. So I expected it would be exactly the counterpart for the VTO.
  8. Where do u want to redirect it to? Do you run a machine with SmartPSS?
  9. Do you run a SIP firmware? In fact I configured nothing else than the SIP server and the FTP server for the snapshot uploads (same IP). With sniffing I figured out, that there is a TCP session setup on port 5000. Then I let a TCP server run on port 5000 and noticed the message. I am pretty sure, it is addressed for SmartPSS (dahua windows sw), but so far I don't know where to set the a specific IP for it.
  10. @JM170: I did not yet try it by myself, but I guess it will show registered SIP devices when VTO acts as the SIP server. @rickwookie: In fact "googeling". And yes, you are absolutely right regarding MCU update for slave devices.
  11. In fact, I know how to update the MCU firmware of the main module (.bin file -> VDPconfig -> MCU Program) but I have no clue how to install the .hex files on slave devices. I expect that cannot be done via IP, you need kind of a special serial programmer. But that's just my idea.
  12. Mine was '2016-03-21 V3' too. I dared to upgrade - so far no issues. But mine was running fine with the old one too - so it's up to you. I guess the MCU firmware is the uC's software in the devices, controlling hw like buttons,etc. So if you have any issues that could be related to that, I would do the upgrade. There is a pretty new MCU fw for slave devices (20180316). Here a part of the .doc coming along with the fw files: VTO2000A-B3 VTO2000A-B5 VTO2000A-B1 General_VTO2000A_MCU_V3.000.0000.0.R.20180316.zip VTO2000A, VTO2000A-C, VTO2000A-2 General_VTO2000A-Master_MCU_V3.000.0000.0.R.20170515.bin I uploaded it for you guys:http://www.share-online.biz/dl/N4NELLIPXJ
  13. ConfigTool is old an outdated. Newer firmware versions require VDPconfig to work. If you wanna flash MCU, pls. use latest MCU firmware "General_VTO2000A-Master_MCU_V3.000.0000.0.R.20170515.bin". Don't really know what it really does, but at least everything is up to date
  14. Use VDPconfig from toolbox to upgrade.
  15. Yes, indeed there is a V4 SIP firmware out there: https://support.vidimost.com/comment.php?dlid=497 It includes the new webinterface 2.0, some minor changes. But it still lacks the feature to install your own sound files. I hope they are still working on this, users all over the world want that.