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  1. Unfortunately the command: http://<ip>/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi? [channel=<channelNo>] from other Dahua IP cams does not work on my VTO. So I use this in a PHP script to grab a pic: $snapshot = shell_exec('avconv -y -i \'rtsp://admin:admin@vto_ip\' -f image2 -vframes 1 -pix_fmt yuvj420p /home/user/snapshot.jpg');
  2. No, I just own VTO's. Did you use internet explorer or any other browser?
  3. Why should a VTO2000A firmware work on a VTH1510C ? Off course not! But you better use General_VTH151X_Eng_SIP_V4.300.0000000.5.R.20181024. I uploaded it for you: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/8WXQAKJP9K8Z
  4. Just uploaded it here: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/4NKNMEJP0N52
  5. Hi! I highly recommend not to use any non-dahua sip clients with the VTO's sip server. I am not even sure if dahua devices run stable with it. Pls. use asterisk or any other supported sip server. BTW: just found a newer v4 sip firmware: General_VTOXXX_Eng_P_16M_SIP_V4.000.0000000.5.R.20181030.zip
  6. Did not yet try it by myself. All I noticed is, that when I start SmartPSS on a windows machine, tcp port 5000 opens. So I expected it would be exactly the counterpart for the VTO.
  7. Where do u want to redirect it to? Do you run a machine with SmartPSS?
  8. Do you run a SIP firmware? In fact I configured nothing else than the SIP server and the FTP server for the snapshot uploads (same IP). With sniffing I figured out, that there is a TCP session setup on port 5000. Then I let a TCP server run on port 5000 and noticed the message. I am pretty sure, it is addressed for SmartPSS (dahua windows sw), but so far I don't know where to set the a specific IP for it.
  9. @JM170: I did not yet try it by myself, but I guess it will show registered SIP devices when VTO acts as the SIP server. @rickwookie: In fact "googeling". And yes, you are absolutely right regarding MCU update for slave devices.
  10. In fact, I know how to update the MCU firmware of the main module (.bin file -> VDPconfig -> MCU Program) but I have no clue how to install the .hex files on slave devices. I expect that cannot be done via IP, you need kind of a special serial programmer. But that's just my idea.
  11. Mine was '2016-03-21 V3' too. I dared to upgrade - so far no issues. But mine was running fine with the old one too - so it's up to you. I guess the MCU firmware is the uC's software in the devices, controlling hw like buttons,etc. So if you have any issues that could be related to that, I would do the upgrade. There is a pretty new MCU fw for slave devices (20180316). Here a part of the .doc coming along with the fw files: VTO2000A-B3 VTO2000A-B5 VTO2000A-B1 General_VTO2000A_MCU_V3.000.0000.0.R.20180316.zip VTO2000A, VTO2000A-C, VTO2000A-2 General_VTO2000A-Master_MCU_V3.000.0000.0.R.20170515.bin I uploaded it for you guys:http://www.share-online.biz/dl/N4NELLIPXJ
  12. ConfigTool is old an outdated. Newer firmware versions require VDPconfig to work. If you wanna flash MCU, pls. use latest MCU firmware "General_VTO2000A-Master_MCU_V3.000.0000.0.R.20170515.bin". Don't really know what it really does, but at least everything is up to date
  13. Use VDPconfig from toolbox to upgrade.
  14. Yes, indeed there is a V4 SIP firmware out there: https://support.vidimost.com/comment.php?dlid=497 It includes the new webinterface 2.0, some minor changes. But it still lacks the feature to install your own sound files. I hope they are still working on this, users all over the world want that.
  15. Yes, there was a change in the upgrade process. But I do always upgrade via TFTP method, so don't ask me about it. Nevertheless, you will not secceed in installing a customized firware anymore. Since beginning of 2018 all FW files are signed, that means it is impossible to change it - only the manufacturere (dahua) can do this. So you got either install a older, even customized firmware via tftp or you got to live with that until dahua releases a firmware where you can replace the sounds officially via the web interface. Good luck, Rio