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  1. Yes that was just an extract from BRSK.
  2. BRSK offer Static IPv4 address for a monthly cost of £5.00 : "A static IP is a fixed public IPv4 assigned to your broadband connection by your internet service provider (ISP). BetterIP gives you a static IP address and can be useful for hosting your own internet facing services such as a website or games server and may be required for some more technically complicated uses of your broadband connection. Note that all our broadband connections support IPv6." Over the 24 month contract with BRSK even with the extra fiver it still works out far cheaper than VirginMedia at 36% However, the idea of replacing and upgrading the NVR seems a good choice. A quick look and it seems they can be had for about £120+. Ideally a mainstream manufacturer with good support. But would the latest NVR overcome the CGNAT issue ? Is remote access made differently ? Which NVR would you recommend ? And what do I look out for so it is compatible with my existing QVIS IP cameras, Onvif ? Which online shop do you suggest too ? Many thanks.
  3. It was purchased in mid 2015 from my local security supplier Alarm Supplies which was recommended by them at the time. It is an OYN-X (QVIS) I-Atlantis-ProNVR. The iApollo is the original App which I used originally then stopped working sometime ago (lack of support) and I started using the Pegaso one on an ANDROID mobile phone. Yes maybe I should of spotted this but its like anything sometimes you dont realise until its too late ! However, I think the service is still excellent for an everyday user who just needs it for general streaming etc. Funnily enough my house is all ethernet up in every room and for the wireless devices I'm using a UNIFI mesh system and the speeds are hitting the figures quoted. I'm not using the supplied wireless router. Just read up on this : "The problem is that the existing older players in the market have managed to horde IP's so they have given a false impression that the IPv4 crisis isnt real, these new players simply do not have enough IP's in some cases to give every customer an IP hence the use of CGNAT.In datacentres e.g. IPv4 IP's have become very premium and in the past year have seen costs of 300-400% increases on them, where they offloading their increased energy costs to." Theres a few new ISP's which are not that well known are using CGNAT because of this. Alot of these I've never heard of too. You only seem to know about them when they are local to your area and when they start advertising. I wonder if a Static IP will resolve the issue. I will have to ask the question whether it is Public or Private.
  4. Thanks for reaching out Tom. It is a OYN-X iAtlantis PRO iApollo 8. Thanks correcting me. Having coming across videos on YouTube the interface looks the same as on the Dahua nvr's. I thought IPv6 will help resolve my problem. It seems to indicate this from the article from BRSK. There is a drop-down option for IPv6 in the network screen and it says it's supported in the manual - hopefully ! The reviews from BRSK looked really good and the price very competitive. Virgin subs were increasing year on year and getting through to customer service is like pulling teeth ! On the other hand, BRSK have been the opposite although I suppose their customer base is much smaller. There seems to be more and more new players coming to market.
  5. So I've just switched my Broadband from Virgin Media (after 25+ years) to a new supplier BRSK. Great opening deal and the speed is fantastic. Only problem I have is that they use CGNAT and now I can't access my CCTV system remotely on my mobile device. The NVR is the OYN-X iAtlantis PRO iApollo 8 (basically from the family of Dahua, QVIS etc.) The App I'm using is Pegaso. There is an option to pay £5per month for a static IP address but would like to avoid this if possible. This is from the BRSK website : I have read this article on your website : https://help.brsk.co.uk/en/articles/7061006-troubleshooting-port-forwarding-with-the-icotera-router Extract information : “Don't want to purchase the BetterIP add-on? Not to worry, here are some alternatives to access your LAN devices remotely: · IPv6: We've supported IPv6 since our inception, and every customer is allocated a set of IPv6 prefixes for usage. This will allow you to access your devices (as long as they support IPv6, which most modern devices do) on the network over IPv6 remotely, without port forwarding. This can only be done from other networks that also support IPv6. · Overlay networks: You may be able to use a 3rd party overlay network such as Tailscale. Tailscale currently has a free tier plan, and this will allow you to access your internal network over a secure overlay connection without any port forwarding required.” I was given an IPv6 address from BRSK and when I inserted this in the Address field in the App I am getting "Connection Failed". Port :37777 - does this remain the same on the App ? See screenshot: IP Address / Default Gateway / Preferred DNS / Alternate DNS are all default values which are prefilled when I change the drop down to IPv6. I change the IP address to the one given by BRSK but do I amend any of the other options ? Can anyone help and point me in the right direction. Thanks All.
  6. This was a message from Dahua just before Xmas sent to one of the technical support team who was helping me with my password reset : "We use new security policy firmware for all of our new products, which means password tool are not available any more. But customer can get the password following the steps by 'forget password' in login page if he filled in correct information when he did initialization on first login." I successfully reset my password using the following method : 1 - On the NVR login box click the 'Forgot Password' padlock. This will bring up another box showing a QR code. 2 - Scan the QR Code that appears on screen. I was informed to use GDMSS lite app (If you were going to add a new device the information needed should appear in the serial number option) but that didn't initially work for me so I just downloaded a generic QR reader App from Playstore and scanned it on my mobile phone. 3 - The result will give you a long list of letters, numbers and characters. Copy and paste the output into an email (use the your email address which was initially setup on your NVR). The email should have no subject title. Send the email to : support_gpwd@htmicrochip.com 5 - Within minutes you should receive an automatic email containing a security code which should be inserted in the screen 'Input security code' (where you originally scanned the QR code). By entering this it will bring up a prompt to change password ! There you have it. Hope this is helpful for others who have the DAHUA/QVIS/OYN-X branded systems. They are all from under the same company in essence.
  7. I have a OYN-X I-ATLANTIS PRO 8 NVR. Will this default password work for my model NVR (after defaulting the time by removing the battery). I changed the password sometime ago and now I can't remember it. I just want to change the time after the GMT clock change a few weeks ago. Thanks.