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  1. Hello there, I have finally purchased some CCTV system for my house. Brand of DVR is HIKVISION. Now, I plan on installing this 8 Chanel DVR on the third floor, and connect it to the Internet for access on my mobile device (all of that still to be done). I don’t actually know what app I have to use and if that can be used on the lapatop too? As I have no router in that floor (for Ethernet), I will be adding an extender router, which will allow me to connect the DVR to the net. Now, is there a way for me to see this on my Samsung SmartTV screen on the ground floor? I.e in your experiences, via either an app or similar? Running a HDMI cable all the way down from third floor to ground floor is not possible. The only thing I can think of is a wireless HDMI sender/receiver, but they can be somewhat costly – decent kits at around the £200 mark. The only thing I plan on doing with this, switching back and forth every now and then to the CCTV while watching something. Finally, I was told by a friend his CCTV system automatically flickers his TV channel to that of his CCTV if motion is detected. Is this something we can do with Hikvsion? Thank you, in advance.