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  1. Got to excited about getting in that I forgot to thank you for all your help... again much appreciated.
  2. So my key changes at midnight which for me was 15 min ago. The key had already changed by the time you replied so it didn't work. I made sure I was up at midnight so if you respond within the next 24 hrs you will be responding for the correct key. New key as of 12:17 am: 89255621 This should get me out of your hair . Again much appreciated and I will keep che
  3. You have been more than generous with your time but unless I'm suppose to enter these super pw some place other than the pw field nothing seems to be working. Everything that has been suggested thus far has resulted in invalid pw and then lock out after multiple failed attempts. Just for kicks, I just looked at my key again and it has changed, I assumed that it was constant. The key that I gave was from 2 day prior that I had written down so I may have give you the wrong key. The key as of today is : 84301623
  4. This is a view of the keypad
  5. not working, not resetting pw and yes I did try them on the correct day:
  6. 2017-12-30 : ujfmK70 2017-12-31 : hXtf2s1201 Thanks, tried both in pw field and neither worked
  7. time is always current time.
  8. Can't get pass system login but here is a pic from the user manual>
  9. I need help resetting password. Thought I knew it but obviously not the case. It is model: MZ-AHD-1208P