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  1. I had Qvis Engineers remote accessed the cameras on two occasions, and they weren’t able to reset them either. They told me to return the cameras, as the boards are faulty (???). I spent several days trying all sorts, and after weighing up my time and cost, it was more economical to purchase new cameras for the client.
  2. Hi, I've checked this before, there is no reset button on the model. Qvis and Dachau are the same.
  3. https://www.securitysuppliesdirect.co.uk/p_qvis-iptz-ir20a-2mp-full-hd-network-ir-ptz-dome-camera_13850
  4. No, I didn't install these cameras from new. I inherited them. You could be correct because I exported the config file to see if I could make the changes there, but the file was exported in WinZip format and now asking me for a password.
  5. Hi Tomcctv, I can access and view both cameras using the previous IP settings, but the issue is that the cameras will not accept the new IP settings. I can access the menus and execute a factory-default command also, but the old settings will remain in both cameras, so the cameras are not saving any new settings. Today, I selected and called preset 95 from the PTZ menu, which gives me direct access to the camera's OSD menu, here I try to factory default the cameras, but still no joy. Qvis tech support could also see the cameras from the old IPs but faced with the same problem. I tried three different Windows 10 computers now and even loaded Windows 7 on one computer, and having the same results. I even tried the Qvis IP tool for the PTZ cameras and still can't factory reset or get the new IP addresses to save. I'm starting to think that this is a firmware issue, as all other 18 cameras are working on Program Version: V1.0.2 Build 201509281602 without issues and have accepted the new IP settings.
  6. Hi All,I have two QVIS, IPTZ-IR20A, 2MP Full HD Network IR PTZ Dome Cameras with an identical problem, I can't get the cameras to accept new IP addresses and both cameras will not factory reset. This model camera doesn't have a reset button. Qvis tech support tried remotely to factory default both cameras and change IP settings, but these cameras are refusing to accept any new settings. Problem Cameras Firmware: (Both cameras were working before until IT company decided to change network subnet and IP range)Program Version: V2.0.1 Build 201603161001TControl Version: ZoomCam_V1.0.2_build201601281847Web Page Version: 1.1.1 Build 20160301Plugin Version: other cameras working with the below firmware without any issuesProgram Version: V1.0.2 Build 201509281602Control Version: ZoomCam_V1.0.2_build20150730090Web Page Version: 1.1.1 Build 20150924Plugin Version: help would be much appreciated.
  7. Hi Qvis Hibernator H4 and based in the UK. Thanks
  8. Hi All, Anyone have a copy of the OS for the Qvis Hibernator H4? Thanks in advance