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  1. richbanks12

    Is CCTV enough?

    I'm planning to install a CCTV surveillance from a residential security company for my vacation home after its renovation next month. The windows need to be replaced as they have become old and damaged now. I should’ve thought about it way before. We only visit there once in a year and remains vacant for most of the year. I used to live there with my friends when I was in college. But after I shifted to Toronto and settled here with my wife I changed it to my vacation home. It is a fully furnished home. Also, I have my boat in the garage, so it is a good spot for burglars too... I have to make a quick decision as I am caught up with work. I was also thinking of renting it out after the completion of the whole renovation..? Will that be a good option?? Any other ideas people?
  2. richbanks12

    New member

    Hello everyone, I am really grateful I found this forum, This forum is really interesting and useful. Thankyou so much for having me here.