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  1. cctvman1379

    Powers Supply Amperage

    The cameras draw aprpx 500ma per camera with infrared active and colour day is about 400ma no infrared you don't need all the pairs for power I use brown and white brown as pos and blue pair as neg
  2. So take the second hdmi feed to the second monitor using a hdmi externser over Cat5
  3. How many outputs has the nvr got. And. What make or. Model is the nvr
  4. cctvman1379

    Cat and Cat5e?

    https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Copper-Outdoor-Resistant-Syston/dp/B076VC77J7/ref=sr_1_4?crid=IKFI3X8D36K2&keywords=cat5e+copper&qid=1554017674&s=gateway&sprefix=Cat5e+copp%2Caps%2C283&sr=8-4 That one is pure copper I will not use cca as its poor quality
  5. As far as I'm. Aware dvrs nvrs don't have WiFi chips built. In they use either a WiFi access point on lan to. Nvr or a power ethernet line in the wall. Sockets
  6. Use a powerline adaptor in the loft and plug into nvr then the second powerline downstairs into router that will send the data through the electrical wiring
  7. cctvman1379

    Hikvision DS-2CE56D0T-IRMF power cable

    Reed is pos green black is neg u I believe from a thct120 I had to cut the plug off I metered on the plug from continuity on the centre pin and the back cut wires on the plug itself when I checked hope that helps
  8. cctvman1379

    Splice COAX to split the feed.

    Couldn't you just run a cable from DVR monitor output to TV direct
  9. cctvman1379

    Black Wavy Lines

    Have you tried a different camera that looks like many cable fault in honestly could be a slight short between dialectic and shield
  10. cctvman1379

    HDCVI Camera on analog Dahua DVR ?

    You'd be better hanging the whole system to mp CCTV and a new DVR or NVR depending on wiring utilising the original HDDs
  11. cctvman1379

    Old Vantage Camera

    If the camera is approx 10 years old you'd be better off cHanging that t.o a new camera system completely as that will be low resolution CCTV
  12. The PSU isn't heavy enough in current to support the IR change over this is why I prefer seperate boxed power supplies over plug in power supplies
  13. cctvman1379

    Swann 4k night vision EXTREMELY poor quality

    Looks like the power supply is the same as the supply for the cameras from the splitter I'd guess not enough power current from the psu can you try a separate psu on just the one camera see if that's makes a difference at night
  14. cctvman1379

    Swann 4k night vision EXTREMELY poor quality

    Could be a powers issue does the power supply the DVR and all the cameras or is it powered seperately from the cameras and DVR
  15. https://www.ebay.com/itm/License-Plate-Recognition-IP-Camera-2-1MP-1080P-5-50mm-Varifocal-Lens-84-IR-LEDs-/151741632295?redirect=mobile Any good to you??