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  1. cctvman1379

    HDCVI Camera on analog Dahua DVR ?

    You'd be better hanging the whole system to mp CCTV and a new DVR or NVR depending on wiring utilising the original HDDs
  2. cctvman1379

    Old Vantage Camera

    If the camera is approx 10 years old you'd be better off cHanging that t.o a new camera system completely as that will be low resolution CCTV
  3. The PSU isn't heavy enough in current to support the IR change over this is why I prefer seperate boxed power supplies over plug in power supplies
  4. cctvman1379

    Swann 4k night vision EXTREMELY poor quality

    Looks like the power supply is the same as the supply for the cameras from the splitter I'd guess not enough power current from the psu can you try a separate psu on just the one camera see if that's makes a difference at night
  5. cctvman1379

    Swann 4k night vision EXTREMELY poor quality

    Could be a powers issue does the power supply the DVR and all the cameras or is it powered seperately from the cameras and DVR
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/License-Plate-Recognition-IP-Camera-2-1MP-1080P-5-50mm-Varifocal-Lens-84-IR-LEDs-/151741632295?redirect=mobile Any good to you??
  7. Run cat 5 to the gate house then a converter at each end powered locally should work no problem you may have to drop the signal to 720p though
  8. cctvman1379

    Hikvision DS-7200

    And what part of the country are you in can you get your installer out to reset the password
  9. cctvman1379

    Hikvision DS-7200

    Have you tried the password with the username user
  10. cctvman1379

    Hikvision DS-7200

    Could. Also. Be just limited to 1 account and still. Be admin until we have more. Details we won't know
  11. cctvman1379

    Hikvision DS-7200

    If the op is unable to use the password on more than one account then it could be a user account not admin and qr code setup is more risky as it uses third party connection where as ddns only forwards to the correct ip
  12. cctvman1379

    Hikvision DS-7200

    In the setup part of your machine find the ipmaddress the gateway needs to be the same as the router and the network address needs to be on the same address subnet as the router Example DVR IP Subnet Gateway (or this is the actual router address either a 0 or 1 network On the port page or more option http set to something other than 80 say example 716 Server port 9298 example Ddns setup User name is your login name for your ddns service like no up example sprattscctv Password is what ever you choose Domain name is what your service name is example my cameras.ddns.net Open ddns service and make a connection name for your device or mycameras.ddns.net Setup the user account password etc Go into the router in port forwarding page use up address of machine and add two ports for the CCTV DVR and http what your DVR ports are set to using the Mac address or ip address In your ddns setup page on the router input all the details of your ddns service setup from thendvd and no IP etc and then test using canyouseeme.org hope that's useful for you
  13. cctvman1379

    Hikvision DS-7200

    The better way to setup the DVR would be to port forward it through your router and use a Ddns service
  14. cctvman1379

    Advice : temp replacement CCTV DVR

    Where about a are you based and have you got a hard drive also what cameras are you using
  15. cctvman1379

    Advice : temp replacement CCTV DVR

    Are the CamEras HD or standard definition cameras i have a standard def camera dvr but that see high def cameras there's nothing wrong with unit it works perfectly it's a hikvision