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  1. oanasechzga

    K9604-W Bypass Firmware Verification

    Hi thanks four your anwer I know, that it is a 4ch device, and of course it is a 4ch software too, but I think this should be the only difference, because I can't imagine they produce two different PCB-Layouts, if a simple software restriction will do the same. I already read about a guy who did something like this, but it was another NVR. Maybe anybody of you did something similar too? Greetings, oanasechzga
  2. Hey Guys, about a year ago, I bought a CCTV-Kit including four IP-Cameras and a 4CH NVR to convict an old lady in some cases of vandalism. As she's under lock and key now, I wanted to use the NVR to protect our home, as there were some burglaries very near in the last months. I already had some IP-Cams around the house and was able to connect them to the NVR, but only four at one time of course. I found out there is an identical 8ch model (K9608-W) and I managed to get the firmware for it, but there seems to be some kind of verification as the NVR doesn't accept the .rom-file, while it accepts the K9604-W file flawlessy. Does anyone of you know a way to bypass this? I already tried to modify the header of the rom with a hex-editor, but it didn't help anything. I just need a way to install this image, I'm pretty sure it will run perfectly, as soon as it is on the NVR. If the Device is getting bricked, it's not good, but i could live with it. Thanks in advance and greetings, Oanasechzga