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  1. I currently have a joystick that uses rs-485 protocol, I know they make an adapter to make it USB. I'm currently using the CompleteView system that uses USB joysticks. Will the joystick with an adapter work?
  2. I currently have the following system setup: American Dynamics MP48 AD1100cc Keyboard AD2088 Keyboard ADTTE Keyboard 26 Ultra 8 PTZ Using RS422 2 Samsung DVR's The issue is that the AD2088 keyboard seems to have a mind of its own, If I zoom in it will zoom back out automatically, also when panning it is very choppy and not smooth. I though maybe a faulty keyboard, so I borrowed another AD2088 and it is doing the same thing. I have verified the settings to what I thought they should be according to the manual. Please Help its driving me NUTS!!!
  3. Ok, I have everything hooked up correctly... Cameras are on and show video through the unit, Network is setup correctly. How do I change settings, how do I review video, all I can do is see the cameras cycle and change network settings, I cant seem to get into the DVR to do anything. Is there network software Im suppose to use? I have searched all day and cant find anything and Verints website sucks. Please Help!!!!
  4. My question is that I currently have 2 brand new 16 channel Samsung DVR's that run on the RS-485 protocol. I also have 2 American dynamics keyboards model ad2088 and a new touch tracker. Is there any way to connect these keyboards to the Samsung DVR's. If so how would I go about doing this? Thanks Alot
  5. dans95tbird

    Ganz DVR DR16NC-500

    I need to reset this DVR to default settings, I have already removed the battery on the motherboard and that did nothing. I know that this is an embedded Linux system. Are there any ideas on how to get this to factory settings? Maybe button combinations on the front of the DVR or something else on the motherboard im missing. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  6. dans95tbird

    Ganz DR16NC-500 Password

    Ok My harddrive died so I purchased a new one and placed it into the dvr, now its asking for my password, I have owned this since it was new and have never changed it from the default of 1234. But now that is not working, how do I go about reseting the dvr to accept the default or return the dvr to factory state. As of right now it will not let me use it until the password is fixed. PLEASE HELP!!!!
  7. I have been all over the internet trying to find a replacement remote control for my arm electronics DVR model number JDVR16A. I can't find one anywhere, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. dans95tbird

    JPEG2000 DVR

    I currently have a 16 channel jpeg2000 dvr from 2006 and it works great, does anyone know if it is possible to remote view the dvr from a windows 7.5 phone and if so can you help me set it up. Thank you
  9. I currently have a sensormatic mp 48, i currently have both keyboards hooked up using the 8 pin wall terminal. The issue I am having is that the secondary controller (AD2088) seems to have an issue when both keyboards are connected. IE the monitor shows up on the keyboard but not the camera number, also I can controll the cameras just fine with it for 2 or 3 days then it starts switching to a different language and then locks the cameras or makes them run some eroneous pattern. I then have to reset the system and then everything is fine again for a couple of days. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. dans95tbird

    VGA to BNC

    Hello everyone, Quick question, is it possible to make a cable with one end a BNC and the other end VGA? I have 2 22" HP monitiors and I want to use them with my sensormatic MP48 system. If this can be done please let me know.
  11. dans95tbird

    MP48 Matrix Switcher to Intellex

    Yes I have contacted them and they were no help.
  12. dans95tbird

    AD2088 Keyboard

    I am using rs422
  13. Does anyone know how to link (install) the 2 systems together, it says its possible in both the intellex and mp48 manuals but does not show how. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Is it possible to hook the AD2088 keyboard to an intellex DVMS(DV16000) running software version 3.2?
  15. Does anyone know if this keyboard will work with the mp48 megapower switcher?