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  1. I have a customer who also asked me about marine cameras for his project, and I quoted dahua those models: http://www.dahuasecurity.com/Products/AllProducts/4572/1281 But he also asked some certification for marine, seems like general CE, FCC, or NEMA 4X is not ok for his project. For your personal project, you may can consider it. it is Anti-corrosion ip cameras.
  2. yangooo

    camera compatibility

    it will not be compatible if your DVR do not support IP camera. Wi-Fi means PTZ will be a IP camera. If your DVR support IP camera, just make Wifi PTZ and DVR in the same network, and add the PTZ to the DVR because they are same brand ? Yangoo.com
  3. That is two different connection methods, POE NVR shows like use Invisible network built-in switch port only for the POE cameras, you can image POE port as a built-in switch. yangooo.com
  4. Do you mean disable in the DHCP of POE port of NVR? I think the POE port do not like router or switch, it is just use private or onvif protocol to make verification process for the NVR and cameras.
  5. Seems like this is chinese version to upgrade to english version ,why not go to buy a new one, it is very cheap in some online shop
  6. This is 720p XVR, if this channel 1 is same setting camera as others 7 channels, then better to ask your supplier to give your firmware to upgrade.
  7. yangooo

    Problems with sound on CCTV

    Clear all dahua plug-in and cookies and install that plug-in again, if still can not solve it , try IE
  8. It is better to mention the model number and setting of your cameras and NVR. Sometimes NVR will be with all kinds of bugs, a firmware upgrade is easier way to fix it.
  9. yangooo

    New member

    Yeah. Me too
  10. Opps, ok. One sugegstion, for shop areas, one 180 degree fisheye camera is ok to replace four camera.
  11. yangooo

    Dahua 6MP HDW4631 Starvis CMOS 6MP

    Yes, 2mp is nice, the image is better smoothy.
  12. Send camera's version number, I can offer firmware
  13. you can contact me, I am from china, we offer dahua.
  14. it is working, if it has problem, your DVR firmware is too earlier, need update. For software, better to use "easy4ip" now. www.yangooo.com