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    Software to access NVR

    Not sure if this is the right place - feel free to move topic if it isn't Had a CCTV system installed by a local company approx 18 months ago. NVR is SF-NVR6108-4KE-8P with three cameras NVR is accessed via desktop PC running Win10 64bit home network using IE8 (don't ask !) Been having a few problems with capture and downloading playback recently and contacted the company for help. Using Aeroadmin they attempted to resolve the problem on the existing software ( no proprietary name as far as I can see) but were unsuccessful. They then tried to install Safire Connect but it failed because of a missing MSVCP120.dll They have now advised me to upgrade to Win11 as they believe that the problem lies with my PC - they will then try to help again I consider my PC to be a reasonable spec' - is there any other software/solution I can try ? Grateful for any help Les Booth
  2. LesBooth20

    Software to access NVR

    Have managed to find missing dll for Safire which a techie friend has installed for me. Safire now up and running - thankyou for taking the time to help. Most grateful. Les Booth
  3. LesBooth20

    Software to access NVR

    Sorry don't understand "are you Poe camera to nvr or on a network" On ports - only info' I can find is HTTP Port 80 RTSP Port 554 HTTPS Port 443 Server port 8000
  4. Hi I have 4 CCTV cameras linked to a DVR and DVR accessed wirelessly to PC - until recently !! I have no problem accessing the cameras from my mobile phone (Android) and tablet (Android) Previously access from PC was from a browser (IE8 in Win7 - about the only browser that would access the DVR - I suspect the CCTV software is in the DVR. However I've had to upgrade to Win10 64bit which doesn't support IE8. I've tried to get an emulator working by using ie tabs but this just doesn't work. Is it possible to get some CCTV recording software on the PC to access the DVR - so far I've been unable to get any CCTV recording software to access the DVR. Any help would be appreciated Les
  5. Problems viewing CCTV via browser in Win10 Previously my OS was Win7 64 bit and I was able to view my CCTV either using an old copy of Avant Browser or IE 8 or ietab within Google Chrome. I have had to upgrade to Win 10 and no matter how hard I try I can not view my CCTV from a browser on my desktop, albeit I can view the CCTV from my tablet or android phone or laptop on the LAN. The CCTV has a static IP address I tried installing ietab and ietab editor in chrome but every time I try to access the CCTV, it finds the login page of the CCTV but when I try to sign in I get a message to say that the ietab editor has closed and if it continues to do so I should contact support@ietab.net Messages to this e-mail address simply get rejected. I have also tried installing an older version of Avant browser but this does not work either. Any help would be appreciated Les
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    Viewing CCTV remotely

    Is there a link to a layman's guide to setting up an app on a smart phone to view CCTV remotely. No problem with apps seeing CCTV on LAN - but experiencing problems with service/port forwarding in sky router - have tried setting up a service within the router and a rule within the firewall on forwarding but obviously doing something wrong. Any help appreciated Les
  7. LesBooth20

    Problems with sound on CCTV

    Don't know if DVR is Dahua - no identifying marks on DVR or packing box. Have googled serial No. 2304SES1101240098 but with no result - anyone recognise this type of serial number ?
  8. Hi I have a 4 channel CCTV system, the DVR is accessed via a wireless LAN using an IE8 browser on Win 7 64bit O/S. Today I have installed a microphone on one of the channels and enabled audio within the DVR. When I search for a particular time slot the video plays but no sound. However when I attempt to backup the time slot I firstly get a message "Codec component is required for other media player. Do you wish to download the codec set up file ?" I agree to the download and when I subsequently access the backup file on my PC the sound & video play OK. I'm guessing it's something to do with the browser - I know it's archaic I can't access the DVR using Google Chrome. Any ideas how I can get sound to play back on the search function please ? Thanks Les
  9. LesBooth20

    Problems with sound on CCTV

    No sound in live view on PC - however sound works well on live view and playback when viewed using SuperCamPro on my Ipad mini.
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    Problems with sound on CCTV

    Hi Not sure I understand the question. When I backup the files to my PC they are in AVI format with which I have no problem. It IS the DVR software that I access via the browser. I tried unzipping the file from your link and get this result "Unzipped file C:\Users\new\Downloads\general_player_eng_win32_v3.41.0.r.161031 (2)\General_Player_Eng_WIN32_V3.41.0.R.161031.exe of size 14744919" - but I can't find any exe file extracted . I was expecting to find something like general player.exe or should I be looking for something else ? Thanks for your help. Les