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  1. For the money, you'd be better served to purchase something like this. The quality is much better. https://www.supercircuits.com/2-camera-ip-security-system-wl-p4240bx I have no affiliation.
  2. The most effective way would be to use a set of Ubiquity NBE-M5-16 (Nanobridge) units to backhaul your IP camera. The camera would need to be powered with a POE injector and could be hard wired between the LAN ports of the POE injector of the Nanobridge and the camera POE injector. On the other end it would wire directly to your NVR or Router / Switch. I'm using them at a resort and have a few 1000' links, backhauling both RV Park WiFi and IP cameras. It's extremely dependable. We also have a customer who uses this system to monitor his Zebras. I believe you can buy pre-configured sets.PM me if you need info on where to buy. PS- I have no affiliation with the sellers I would recommend, and would not profit from the transaction.
  3. SWCP

    Solar / Wind Design

    I have a customer who needs cameras installed at a remote location, without any power. The location is in southeastern New Mexico, so there's no shortage of sun or wind. So, I decided to go with a hybrid system. This would be my first attempt at an off grid setup and I'm hoping someone here has some experience and advice to share. I'll be using an Alibi 3308, NVR with a built in NVR and 4 dome cams. Using a motion activated flood light, so I can disable the IRs on the cameras and record motion events. I've found a 400 Watt hybrid system and plan to use 2 100Ah batteries. Any input form someone with experience would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. SWCP

    New Mexico Newbie

    Hello from New Mexico! My wife and I run an installation company and we're always looking for resources. Glad to find this forum.