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  1. I like this idea and started thinking about doing it but in the end almost all of mine ended up being at a good angle from the fascia based on the view I was trying to get.
  2. Thanks! I do wish I would have looked into domes more. Still not sure I could have got square viewing angles as everything on my eves are at some angle but maybe I am over thinking this and/or not that big of a deal to have some rotation angle. Even if true, am sure a little more patience and with some skill could have fabricated something to find a perfect mounting location. The couple domes I did purchase for inside were really big, they would not have fit on the fascia also and would not be vertical as some angle there too. Its more like 4in of wood rather than 6. I will say I kinda like the bullets "sticking out". Mine are big camera's yet still there is a lot going on when looking at a house from any distance so I think most people passing by wont really even "see" them, yet obvious enough that thieves will. One of my bullet cameras is much smaller than the others so some might be more ok with the smaller ones and something to consider that I had kind of overlooked.
  3. twvette

    Wireless mouse

    Not sure this will work for your application/NVR, but I purchased a Monoprice USB via RJ45 extender and used it with a 35ft CAT6 cable and it works perfectly with the included mouse on my new GW3216E NVR. I then also tested a basic Logitech M185 wireless mouse and connected its receiver to the Monoprice extender and am able to get perfect functionality from it also another 12ft away from where its receiver is sitting. This works perfect for me to drop the mouse from my remote NVR location to my living room where I have a live feed from the cameras on at all times and can then use the wireless mouse to open a feed to full screen while never getting out of my rocker chair LOL. Both available on Amazon and there were reasons I selected these two pieces of hardware so not sure others will work.
  4. Thanks. They are IP66 rated and good cameras in general. Plus got white which should help a little. Did a bit more testing and not really able to get the vertical angles I want when underneath as have to point them down a good amount unless I add some blocks or similar to attach them to give me more angle options. So, looks like I will be going with them out on the fascia. I am going to mount them at fairly good angle so they really wont stick out too much. Each will also only receive a few hours direct sun as the eve still shades most of them a good amount of the day. Birds might still nest but think it will be difficult so will see. I will run the wire on the perpendicular 2x4(?) under the eve so it wont receive an UV really or water (like we get much of that in Phoenix anyways LOL). I will still probably wrap it in electrical tape or maybe shrink wrap or similar. Hopefully getting the wires to the attic will be fairly easy and this all works out as planned and lasts
  5. Newbie here and did some searching but did'nt really find anything. I am about to install 9 outdoor POE bullet cameras and am in Phoenix, AZ. Here is a picture to the general type of roof eve I have: I am thinking I want the cameras under the eve to better protect from the brutal sun here and I should be able to get the angles I need by mounting them to the perpendicular 2x4's and angling them out as required. If I do it this was I assume I want to get the lens to the edge of the eve so at night I wont get IR reflecting off the eve, correct? However, I am a little concerned of birds nesting on them if under the protected eve vs. just mounting them on the fascia. The fascia would be a little easier in general but then the camera is fully exposed to the elements and not really sure if birds would still want to nest on them. Any input or related input appreciated before I start making holes LOL ... thanks in advance!