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  1. ...I meant Hiwatch Hikvision! I’d prefer a POE system because it’s easier for novice to install, but will look into Qvis cheers. From what I’ve read though I thought Hikvision and Dahua were respected as top end systems, with Qvis and the ones I mentioned more amateur? Is this not the case? I might look into Hikvision but only buy a couple of cameras for the time being. Thanks.
  2. 51cent - Hikvision would be first choice but costs a bit more. We’ve already pushed our budget from £300 to £500 to hopefully get a better system. Where’s the best place to buy Hikvision in the uk as it seems you need to be a business to see the prices and buy from most websites? Buying off eBay or Amazon has its own risks so would rather source from a genuine site/agent. And Boogieman, thanks for being so helpful! I came here looking for advice from experts or those with better knowledge than me. My research led me to Annke or Reolink but if you can suggest something better, please do...
  3. Hi - We're looking for a 4 camera 4mp NVR POE system around £500, but having difficulty deciding on a brand. I've read some fairly good reviews of Annke and Reolink, but for the money should we consider Hiwatch due to the parent company being Hikvision? I believe Annke and Reolink camera's have aluminium bodies whereas Hiwatch are plastic. But internally will the Hiwatch NVR and camera's be Hikvision just with different cases and packaging? Obviously the Hiwatch systems run the Hikvision software which I assume must be a positive? Also does anyone know which would be the best brand to work with OSX as we only have a MacBook and not a Microsoft computer? Thanks for you help