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  1. visionmaster

    Night mode ccrv issue

    hello Change the camera power supply. sol this kind of problem. www.visionmaster.in
  2. visionmaster

    HikVision NVR problem with HDD

    Hello. Replacing the NVR's power supply www.visionmaster.in
  3. visionmaster

    connect CCTV camera to PC

    Use ip cam. That you direct access from pc
  4. hi Please check graphic driver install properly. www.visionmaster.in
  5. Hi, If you have night vision problem than use HIKVISION bullet camera DS-2CE16COT-IRPF. It's support to your existing DVR system. Support Team Vision Master www.visionmaster.in +91-9099852079
  6. Hi, Let us know on which brand DVR or NVR are you using? or are you using OEM product? If you have OEM product than you have to contact to your supplier and If it's branded you have to create .bin file in order to get your information to customer while have some error. Vision Master Tech Team www.visionmaster.in
  7. visionmaster

    Admin Password for HD3804 4 channel

    Under factory settings, there are three preset users Admin, Guest, and Default with no password by default. User Admin is preset as a user with super user rights. Users Guest and Default have the factory preset rights of preview and playback. Users Admin and Guest can change password but not permissions. User Default is a default login user and can change permissions but not password. www.visionmaster.in
  8. visionmaster

    Admin Password for HD3804 4 channel

    If you have changed the password and forgot it,please try to use the password below: Username:admin Password:ansjerreset If password"ansjerreset"doesn't work, please use another password to try: Username: admin Password: superpassword Log in and click the right button of the mouse, go to Main Menu--- Set up --- Users --- Change Password to modify your password. Hope this helps. http://www.visionmaster.in