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  1. yes, irfanview and any other image reader I can think of.. Nothing I've tried can read these packed formats. so if someone has ideas as to the unpacking of these files.. I'd much appreciate it
  2. Symbiot78

    Extracting data off Hikvision DVR?

    Bump.. still hoping for some insight
  3. unfortunately the software on the list doesn't open .pic files which consist of multiple images. .pic is also an old image format for just 1 image.. but when hikvision packages them like this normal software won't open them.
  4. Yes. But as my first post says the camera stores the images in 200Mb files (.pic format). And I cannot read not find a reader for them.
  5. Symbiot78

    Extracting data off Hikvision DVR?

    was this video files or photos? I am in the same bind but trying to extract photos/images NOT video. and it won't show me anything but a 10 minute video I recorded just to test. Logging in to Webif shows me the photos but downloading THAT many photos is impossible ..
  6. Hi I have a hikvision camera with about a months worth of photos taken once pr. minute. Is there an EASY way to get these images from the camera. The sd card holds these 200Mb files which are not images. I can use the webbrowser but it can only search 4000 images and then if I do another search (date ranges) it will overwrite the previous images with the same names. Yes.. I can create a multitude of folders but it will take forever and a day.. I tried IVMS-4200 but I can only find a way to download videos and NOT images.. Any and ALL help is appreciated.