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  1. NoobCamera

    Business security cameras with zoom to read labels?

    Bump. Just wondering if there are cameras that are strong enough to be able to be zoomed on playback for someone watching remotely.
  2. NoobCamera

    Business security cameras with zoom to read labels?

    Hello Tom, I have people in another country verifying numbers on products remotely. Basically we have a production line where items are being produced and then numbered and entered into our system. The labelings are basically on masking tape and hand written due to the product being put on a scale as soon as it is from the machine. I need a camera to be able to see the handwritten numbers/labels so that someone else remotely can go through it post-production and verify it was entered into our system correctly. The boxes are not going very fast. What we are currently doing now is that someone is just recording it using their phone and then sending it on whatsapp to them in a group chat. Would be easier if a camera was able to just view it without anyone having to do anything and then the information is automatically sent to them in the cloud. The labels are being placed on by us yes. Basically think of an oven for instance where some food is being mass baked and then weighed on a scale after it's finished. The employees put it on the scale, write the product details and weight onto masking tape, and put it onto the box.
  3. Hello, I have a business whereby I'd love if I had a security camera that can zoom in to read labels or numbers on boxes from the cloud. I'm not familiar enough with security cameras to know how common/possible this is, but I'm aware of cameras that can zoom when viewing in real time, but what about a camera that was recording from a distance and then you are watching the playback from the cloud -- is the zoom function still possible? Any recommendations for a camera whereby I can record and then zoom in enough from about 20ft distance to read labels on boxes? Sorry if this is kind of a noob question.
  4. Hello Forum, I found this forum and it's clearly way more advanced than I am regarding tech and cameras. I wanted to simply explain my current setup and then see if anyone can offer some advice. I'm currently using Indoor Nest Cam's because of their 30day CVR plan which uploads the footage automatically online and then I have someone in another country view my cameras for business remotely to give me reports. I have avoided much stronger cameras than Nest because the uploading of the data and then streaming for that person would be very costly due to internet. So my questions: 1) Is there an IP camera that can better serve this purpose than the Nest, which doesn't have very high bandwidth requirements? 2) I was thinking to just buy a higher powered local CCTV setup which I review in more detail but wasn't sure if the optimal zoom in's that I've seen on youtube for certain models can be zoomed during playback or if that's only for live shots. For example, if I simply record from afar and then during playback want to zoom in and read details for something more clearly, is this doable? If so, any recommendations for a camera system?