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  1. AND....I figured it out. It's actually through my nvr, which is an LNR632. It's the following: http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?1 The only thing I'm unclear is how to select the channel I want to take picture of. I thought the last digit was the channel. But when I change it, it just keeps taking picture of channel 1. Any ideas?
  2. Does anyone know how to get a snapshot from a lorex IP cam? I'm using these cameras with my nvr: https://www.lorextechnology.com/hd-ip-camera/1080p-4mp-ip-camera-with-color-night-vision/LNB4173BW-4PK-1-p With some of the hikvision stuff you used to be able to do something along these lines: http:// -ip address- /Streaming/channels/1/picture -or- https:// -ip address- /Streaming/channels/1/picture I'd like to know if anyone knows how to do something similar with these lorex cams I'm using