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  1. I'm looking at this: http://www.lowvoltagedirect.com/nvr-c-77_89/nvr30432ep-32ch-4sata-poe-nvr-p-2400.html The total "incoming" bit rate is 320Mbps; that should be more than sufficient for recording 12 channels at 4K. Also, this NVR supports H265, I can reduce the bitrate each camera needs for recording by almost half. And 32ch is not a waste of money, I need at least 16 with 2/3 additional for expansion.
  2. The specs you pointed out reflect "Decoding" capability, not Encoding.
  3. No that’s not how it works But still you would of maxed out and that’s only 8 channels what about your 4 x 4mp Can you explain why this is not the case?...and where in the specs do you this limitation?
  4. What does "not doing well" even mean?
  5. at 30fps, but 8 4K at 15fps should be possible as well
  6. Correction on NVR, the model # is NVR30432EP
  7. Hello, I could not find any info on this NVR, I mean, literally not a single search result from Google: UNIVIEW Model# VRN30432EP Looking at these 4Ks and 1080 cams as well for residential (large home) installation 4K UNIVIEW Model#IPC3238SR3-DVPZ 4Mp UNIVIEW Model# IPC3614SR3-DPF28M Is Uniview considered good quality in this industry?
  8. If we max out storage at 12Tb on the FLIR DNR7166, how much video can that store assuming 16ch at 4K/8mp? 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month?
  9. One of your nvr option you listed is a flir unit What feature of FLIR addresses the requirements?
  10. What do you mean "flir"? And yes, public spaces and hallways, basement too. And the cameras must have IR for night vision.
  11. A friend of mine is superintendent for a small, 2-floor apartment building (35 units). He's been tasked with hiring a local security company to install security cameras to record all public spaces in the building. Overall, the system requires 16 4K cameras, night vision, record on motion, and NVR with capability to identify human and non-human motion (trees, cars, etc). He got some proposals from local firms but he's not sure if the equipment detailed in the proposals are suitable for the building needs. He's not very computer-literate so I'm posting this on his behalf; based on these cameras and NVR, which ones are the best given the above requirements, and which ones should he avoid? NVRs ===== (LTN8916-P16) Platinum Enterprise Level 16 Channel 4K NVR 1.5U (DNR7166) DNR 16CH 6TB Cameras ====== (N253V8) 4K 8MP Cameras (CMIP7382W-28M) Platinum Network Vandal Dome IP Camera 4K