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  1. Ragmin

    Lorex DVR

    I want to tell how Lorex Corporation stepped up an resolved my DVR issue. Early this spring Lorex changed there viewing from Flir cloud to Lorex cloud and asked that we make the change to our systems. I proceeded to but ran into difficulty when my password wouldn't let me into the DVR to make the change, I contacted tech support 1 which failed to unlock my DVR , they sent my issue up the chain to level 2 an they continued to fail at unlocking it. I reach level 3 which is support from Canada he read my issues which were recorded regarding the DVR an said would be sending out immediately. I received it with two days. Very happy with Lorex and there support team
  2. Ragmin

    Lorex Quad HD

    Recently there was a change with viewing my Lorex DVR they went from flir to a Lorex app. I needed get into my DVR an make a change. Well I went to get in with the factory set login an password which didn't working so I called Lorex an spent hours with multiple service Reps. what a waste of time still have my 1 year old DV8163 unit an no way in. Would anyone happen to know how to factory reset this unit as they had me push an hold the FN button on the front no luck, then they had me open up the dvr to push a button but no button on the inside. The model number is DV816-D 4MP 16CH MPX DVR 1HDD I hope I didn't just throw away money but looking for any help or recommendation. Thank you
  3. I just purchased three of these cameras and cannot get them to power up, I 'm giving them 24 volt a/c and have tried two of them but with no results. It's states the following: power supply : 12 vdc±15% 24 vac±15% power consumption. I'm thinking about just trying 12vdc to see if this would work, any thoughts on this option before I try this. I also contacted an spoke with Hikvision technical support yesterday and they said that it should work and I should try another camera. I did with no success. When I put my volt meter on my source I was reading a little higher then 24 volts but with in the 15% of the manufacturing requirement, does this matter? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  4. Ragmin

    Camera and cable selection

    Thank you will move forward on purchasing.
  5. Ragmin

    Outdoor Bullet Camera

    I've upgraded my DVR to the Lorex HD MPX 2K 16 channel system. I'm going to be adding additional cameras. Could someone recommend an outdoor bullet camera that's isn't over the 200.00 range? Thank you
  6. I upgrade my current system to the Lorex HD MPX 2K DVR 16 channel and I now have the chance to increase my cameras. My old system is analog but I want to make the smart choice as to the cable selection and cameras. I need indoor and outdoor cameras. Thank you for any help. My area of coverage will be 140 feet from the DVR if that is a factor.
  7. Ragmin

    Viewing Issue

    When I'm at home I can log in an view my cameras fine but when I'm off site I get the DVR screen but after I put in all of the log in information I receive an error? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you