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  1. Does anyone know if inexpensive ONVIF PTZ cams like this JideTech will operate on a Dahua ONVIF NVR like this Dahua 8CH NVR NVR2108HS-8P-4KS2? Would hope the SmartPSS software to work with the PTZ also. Some sellers of aren't so great at responding to inquiries, hopefully someone has experience with these.
  2. Please excuse the post. Was caused by an IP address conflict.
  3. Gladly. I found a really good NVR app on Dahua's wiki named SmartPSS. Very well designed and works great so far, only with Dahua cameras though. Any suggestions for a good universal VMS/NVR app would be appreciated.
  4. These problems are apparently only occurring when motion detection is On. They are not observable when logged directly into the camera, in live view. There have been no observed image anomalies when motion detection or recording is Off.
  5. Does anyone have any experience using ContaCam? Version 7.7.0 There are random intermittent pixeled bars running across the camera display in ContaCam. My early tests with ContaCam on a generic 5MP Chinese IP dome camera also had the lines. But it acted erratic with problems in darkness and motion detection. Now testing with Dahua cam, N24BL52, same lines problem. The pixeled bars actually cause a false motion detection record event. 2-5 times /minute. At times also, the full cam screen becomes vertical colored bars, this also triggers a motion event. What might cause the lines? ContaCam, the PC? The lines are also present in recorded video clips. Any advice appreciated.