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  1. a couple of days of experimentation and the correct settings for the programmer was found. I use T48 and Xgpro software. 1) the dump must contain a spare area (dump size 132MB) 2) set the settings in the program: bit flip permission: 1bit/512B internal ECC: disable spare area in the file: include spare area And after the recorder has started, set the native serial number and MAC through the terminal setenv ID my_serial setenv ethaddr my_mac saveenv
  2. Dahua XVR5232AN-X -bad blocks appeared on flash. I tried to clone old flash F50L1G41A to new one. But xvr stuck on message "System startup". Then I flashed the factory flash XVR7x16-X (and a couple of others) - the result is the same. In the program, when flashing the firmware, I tried to turn on and off the Spare area programming (I also cut out these areas from the dump). The result is the same - in the console there is only "System startup". Does anyone know how to properly replace a flush in these regs?