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  1. fernsx

    Can't enable more cameras

    THAT WAS IT! Thank you.
  2. fernsx

    Can't enable more cameras

    Hey good people! I have a problem here, with a gv600 card (16 channels) Since the beggining always used 10 channels only on this card, so i disabled the 6 last channels from it and now i want to add/enable 3 more cameras In camera /record settings under system configure, i can select and see image of the new added cameras . The cameras are not showing up on the main multi camera display, the last 6 channels appears with the geovision logo instead of the no "video text" or camera image. Re-Activating these 3 cameras doesn't work, (in the limit port setting, and camera activate button) and restarting the pc / software just keep seeing the first 10 cameras the new cameras work (tested on the working channels) any help? thanks in advance!