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  1. deerhunter

    Unique system design challenge.

    Thats kina what i was thinking with using one of the poe ports , i didnt realize they made nvrs with two seperate ethernet ports in addition to poe ports. Placing the poe switches shouldn't be an issue as the facility has plenty of locations where i could install switches. I will continue to do some research . I appreciate the ideas .thanks
  2. deerhunter

    Unique system design challenge.

    ouch ! seems a bit harsh. i am a danger ? because i am researching a potential problem before i sell / install a system? Clueless? Quite possibly, but that is kinda why i am asking questions. I guess i should have been a little more specific when i said any input would be appreciated.... if someone else would like to help a guy out , i would appreciate any info on my issue.
  3. deerhunter

    Unique system design challenge.

    I have been tasked with designing and installing a system for a client whom i have done a dozen or so systems for and who will likely buy as many more if i can make this work with the unique challenges this project provides. This system will have 16 4mp Dahua dome cameras with vari-focal motorized lenses. one Dahua 16 channel poe nvr. the issues are ; the customers network is lan only and they will allow no access outside the building in addition they will only allow me to connect 1 nvr to the network and issue only 1 ip address for local access by building staff. there are a number of cams that will be 500' from the headend equipment. so my idea was to add poe switch(s) . but everything i have read so far says i must connect the poe switch to the LAN port on the nvr but this port will be used to connect the nvr to the building network. can one of the poe ports be used to connect a switch ? if not , any other way to accomplish this? my next idea was to add another nvr but i cannot as the building network admin will only allow one ip address. any input will be greatly appreciated.
  4. deerhunter

    Hello all from Indiana

    New guy from Indiana here. I am a low voltage tech ( 30 yrs ) working mainly on life safety systems in healthcare facilities. began in matv,catv,satellite / home theater system installation in the mid 80's. From there moved to residential security system installation then in the late 90's moved to commercial systems (fire alarm, nurse call , exit control /access control and cctv) mainly in long term healthcare facilities. In the last couple years we have began installing ip camera systems (as the systems are now priced competitively with analog systems) I am by no means an it whiz but am learning more with each system. I have been lurking around the forum for a bit gaining alot of knowledge from many of the threads .I will try to not ask a bunch of questions before searching first. well, a bit lengthy for an intro ....thanks in advance as i am sure i will have many questions to come ...lol