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  1. Hello. History: I started with a VHS recorder getting its video from a handicam sitting on a tripod looking thru a side window next to my front door. This was MANY years ago. The target area for the camera was my straight and lengthy 1300 ft driveway. The reason was "shenanigans" at the end of the driveway. My present outdated system is a Geovision GV800 card in a dedicated PC running Window XP. It records from two analog cameras. The target area is still my driveway, and specifically the far end where it joins the road. Camera 1 = Panasonic WV-CP484 Camera 2 = Bosch Dimion XF LTC0495/61 Each camera is fitted with a Tameron 20-100mm lens. One camera lens is set at about 20mm, and gives a nice view of the far 1/2 of the driveway. The other camera lens is set at 100mm, and gives a close view of the far end. This has been "useable", but leaves a lot to be desired considering the improvements of a modern system. Recently, the system has been "locking-up". It could be a PC problem or a Geovision problem. Either way, I am ready to upgrade. I've done some research only to realize how uninformed I am. I could use some help sorting things out and getting recommendations. As far as budget, I am open .... but need to be reasonable..... it's for home use.... I'm retired with limited income. I believe I would want to use a NVR, either stand alone or PC based is OK. I would like to record on a local HDD or a local cloud, no paid cloud subscriptions. I would want to use wireless cameras. ( camera power is available at the camera location ) I would still need the 20-l00mm lens, or one camera with a lens of 20mm and one camera with a lens of 100mm. I would prefer a good resolution, like 1080p. ( open for suggestions here ) I'll try to answer any questions you may have. Thanks.
  2. Hello I just registered and wanted to say "hello" to all. I'm a retired maintenance electrician from Wisconsin. I'm looking for advice and info to upgrade my existing but outdated home surveillance system. Looks like lots of good info available here. I'll be hanging around absorbing as much as I can. Thanks for having me!