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  1. ShaneR

    email alerts fail.

    A lot of ifs, and may not work, but if that camera has mjpeg as it's format, and if you want to try to get it to work you could try yawcam software for computers. It's free and has motion detection. A very quick Google search says it may work with some iP cameras. I use it on USB cameras and it worked alright. Who knows. All depends if your like me and hate to give up money or just like convenience.
  2. Never a problem, have any questions or any design ideas you want me to try just let me know. I hope that the FW1 works for your needs as it would be immensely cheaper lol. And yeah, I was thinking of trying to have the wiper move but it would be too expensive or too flimsy to get it reliable. This is design 2 actually, the first design had the dome flange angle down at a 45 to help rain runoff, it also had top and bottom bearings for a more solid fit against the wiper with the motors vertical running on the inside of the dome itself. Would put less strain on the motors and you could probably get away with just 2 motors. But realizing after getting it mostly designed that almost every part would be custom I tried to find a dome that was somewhat cheap and would fit the bill. So I just picked that one and designed around it. After finishing that one I figured what's the cheapest I could think to make it. The tube was an obvious choice, and keeping the wiper hidden is actually a great idea. Pardon the drop in 3d quality sadly while at work I don't have access to my cad program. It probably won't make much sense but basically a wiper with a motor that transfers rotational motion to linear motion. Not drawn but some kind of track system to keep the wiper in line as well as maybe when it's in the far retracted position to lift it off of the glass. I imagine that you could build this with just a box and have it work the same way. Of course you could also just use a standard car wiper system of back and forth. Just providing options and ideas
  3. so this is my basic design, really just how I would do it if I had the need. I based it off of using this dome https://plastic-domes-spheres.com/shop/12-clear-acrylic-hemisphere in theory it would have a control board that would tell the 4 stepper motors to spin, the motors have a rubber grommet which rides against the bottom of the dome flange. the retention ring has ball bearings to reduce binding and allow for a secure fit. the base assembly has a taper to allow rain water to drain away from the camera. in between the dual wiper blades is a sprayer, could be done way simpler but I liked how sleek this looked personally. however in designing this its come to my attention that it wont be a very cost effective solution due to the cost in materials. plus a issue that you will have placing the camera in any kind of enclosure will be condensation building on the inside of the dome. this is usually offset by the manufacturer putting heaters inside the housing so you will have to look at that option as well. the only way I can think of to make a relatively cheap housing would be to use a tube similar to this https://www.webstaurantstore.com/san-jamar-l360c-stainless-steel-large-in-counter-trash-chute/712L360C.html?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=GoogleShopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwta49Mau2gIVSeDICh2jsQlWEAQYBSABEgIbpfD_BwE and place either flat 6" or a dome of acrylic or other material. building a device to wipe the flat lens would be pretty simple, but I think if you tried to add a wiper to the 6" dome it would obstruct the view too much due to the more narrow dome. just some thoughts as I was working. if you want any other views or want dimensions I can provide them.
  4. ShaneR

    email alerts fail.

    In further reading, a possible Gmail fix could be this https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps (you have to be logged in to the account first. Information pulled from this website https://www.hkvstar.com/technology-news/motion-detection-email-alarm-setting-for-ip-camera-dvr-nvr.html
  5. No problem, I'll try to mock something up tonight or tomorrow. My idea would be essentially something that fits over the whole camera, rather than trying to mess with the cameras dome. I'll keep you posted. What are the general dimensions of the camera you want to use?
  6. ShaneR

    email alerts fail.

    My best guess, is port forwarding set up on the router and modem? Are the pictures of the app used to control the camera or did you direct connect to the cameras ip address? More information on what the camera is, how its set up would be helpful
  7. ShaneR

    Help with EverFoucus EZ550

    Pe=power earth=grounding the system to the earth L=live=hot wire N=nuetral Not sure on baluns personally
  8. ShaneR

    Coax cable coop

    From what I can tell about the ptz it uses proprietary "coaxitron" system which Transmits controls and video via 1 bnc cable. Only issue is I don't have or wish to purchase the ~$400 receiver that decodes the signal and sends it to the camera. The camera has wires coming off of it that link to left, right, up, down, ground (24vac) on the ptz motors and zoom, focus, iris, ground (12vdc) on the camera. The "coaxitron system 2000" has a basic 8 way joystick as well as 3 toggles for the other features. So the idea would be to essentially direct wire all functions manually. It looks like it is set up for rs422 controls but also has manual zoom iris and focus which makes a standard rs422 connection impossible. So I would either be forced to buy a receiver that sends all the data thru one Cable or buy a 10 conductor wire and send it all on its own wire. As this is an older camera the ptz functions will not be used all too much as attempting to interface them with a smart program or a wireless control device will be very difficult even with the proper coaxitron system. So it will act as a non-ptz camera until I get bored and want to manually control it if I was actually concerned about any type of break-in or the such I would invest in a simple home security system, but this is more to have a project to mess around with as the camera was completely free, along with a separate newer ptz camera that came with a receiver box that will have a much more usable purpose.
  9. ShaneR

    Coax cable coop

    Curses, well thanks for the Info, ill probably just run a new line along the same coax line. As for cable, all I get when I search is cheap bnc siamese Power cables, I don't need the power aspect as the camera is powered locally and I will need to run a separate 10 wire cable for the ptz control. Is there any place where I can get a reasonably priced bnc cable? All the solo-bnc cables I've found were easily $60 more than the siamese versions. I understand that quality is important, but it's only 1 camera at 480p.
  10. I have a coax cable that runs from my garage (where I am looking to put my analog camera) into my house (connecting to the modem) it "T's" off in the middle to go to the telephone pole to the cable provider, and I was wondering if it would be possible to attach a splitter at the house side to connect to a dvr. Would this be possible? Would two signals on the same wire garble them both? Would it slow down the internet speeds or cause dropped packets? Could the video signal go back to the cable company? The garage and house are around 150 feet apart so running a cable can be done but would require more effort.
  11. What I use is called FW1, no special reason, it's just what I bought and it's convenient being spray on. But here's a video comparing a bunch of waxes it looks like ceramic might be a good route for longevity. Another option if cost isn't a factor is a fixed wiper blade system that some cameras use. http://xstreamdesigns.com/features/self-cleaning/ it might be a pretty simple item to make yourself if you are engineerically inclined. If you are interested I can always draft up some 3d models on how I would do it.
  12. So you know you can have ip cameras set up and just place them on their own internal (non internet connection) network so it doesn't overwork your router. Ip cameras - > separate wireless router -> nvr/computer As long as you don't hook the camera router to your main router it won't bog down your network. It would also allow a little more security for the system as it is a closed loop with no access to the internet. I am not sure how long you wish to keep the recordings for but assuming you keep 12 camera recordings at 30fps 720p for 3 weeks you will need anywhere from 3tb to 10tb depending on many factors. For 11 more cameras that's about £330 if they cost £30 each. 3tb (cctv purple) hdd would cost £70. 16ch dvr is around £140 Depending on distance of the cameras you could require 2 wireless routers with a minimum of 70mbps speeds on 2.4ghz which are about £50 each. In my opinion I wouldnt think online streaming would be possible with such low speeds. Any attempt to connect that much data to the network would just tank your connection even possibly crash your modem constantly. I am by no means a professional, I only went to Google and looked up specs and recommendations from others. Others may know a better way to set this up, this is just how I am seeing it going.
  13. ShaneR

    BNC to ethernet port ADAPTER

    I believe you need a capture card in order to pull up the video. There are bnc to usb capture cards out there, I would do a lot research as you get what you pay for.
  14. I am not 100% sure but I believe that camera needs an internet connection in order to share the screen with your phone. At the very least it would need a network set up in your car, something wireless that you phone would have to connect to in order to view the feed. My best bet would be to look up what drone pilots do to use these style cameras for live feed. You might be able to find a cheaper one that they recommend too.
  15. So the main issue that I see is that trying to mount ir lights inside of a vehicle is that ir light reflects off of glass surfaces. So you won't be able to see anything or it will be really washed out. If you can find a way to mount the lights externally and turn off the camera's ir lights it would work better.