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  1. OMGitsDMC

    Need a really good hd nightvision cctv cam

  2. I’m looking to buy a single cam but the night vision must be really good and also be hd, any suggestions on which one to buy ?
  3. Hi. Housing officers know nothing .... did you put signs up ??? Are you in council house is the car park council ? We’re are you located I’m in housing association which is different from council housing and the car park and houses around are owned by them
  4. Ok so the housing officer woman came round to see where my cctv points and apparently they won’t allow the camera pointing where it does as it’s there land or whatever so I’ve been told I have to move it, don’t suppose anyone knows a way round this
  5. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Qvis-2-4MP-Fixed-Lens-Eyeball-Dome-CCTV-Camera-1080P-Full-HD-with-36pcs-IR/273146868753?hash=item3f98d27411:g:1OsAAOSwn~JayI~S Cheers will have a look , anymore suggestions please?
  6. Anyone got any suggestions please?
  7. I need some help in buying a dome camera for cctv setup, it needs to be compatible with a kare h.264 digital video recorder and must work on HD, AHD, TVI and CVI. Which is the best one to get and where from please?
  8. decided to register my cctv with the ICO that way i've got my back covered
  9. what do you mean by dont put up and signs? In the uk if you put signs up then your cameras become public space cameras which means you have to register them No signs and there domestic cameras no laws ...... Unless over looking into private space of someone else so as this car park is public and where i park my car i can lawfully watch it on cctv if i dont have signs up but if i do have signs i have to register my ccctv and can still watch over the car park with no problems
  10. what do you mean by dont put up and signs?
  11. This is where my camera points it is watching over my car from my property, I am in a housing association house, am I allowed to watch my car from this way?