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  1. gatozzzz

    dahua he + alarm

    Hi guys, i expect you could help me with my problem. if i want to disabled push notifications and alarm i only know doing that making two steps with gdmss (close notification and close alarm output) i want to make it easier for a costumer, there is a way to do both steps easily? i tried to use a sonoff switch to make and only step ,cut pir sensor power so i can leave push notifications enabled and dont receive messages but when i do that the siren starts ringing. Maybe is a tamper protection
  2. Hi guys i have some problems when i try to set up a tripwire, when i cross the line sometimes the green line turn into red and show me the event at my cell phone with gdmss plus alert and sometimes not. I dont now what is hapenning. My dvr is xvr5104 dahua and my camera is Hfw1200r 2mpx