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  1. Do you know how well the dahua starlight cameras perform regarding long range viewing distance?
  2. Thank you for your replies. I will look into what the total price would be to build the dahua starlight camera, well if its possible to find the components needed. Thanks for the tip tomcctv!
  3. Hi I will go with a few (not to strong, I dont want to make people blind) and attach them to the metal fram/bracket for the registration plate. I guess it all comes down to have a really good night vision camera. Do you have any recommendations? So far Im thiking about building my own. So far I have found this: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2-8-3-6-6-8mm-Lens-M12-2MP-1080P-FULL-HD-Starlight-Sony-IMX291-Sensor/32804064816.html?spm=2114.10010108.1000014.10.6d37401bTlzQ2g&traffic_analysisId=recommend_3035_null_null_null&scm=1007.13338.98644.000000000000000&pvid=24b82f80-6da9-4d2b-bc94-83c22943688a&tpp=1 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Super-Night-Vision-IPC-manual-Zoom-6-22mm-LENs-1080P-1-2-8-SONY-IMX291-image/32842911955.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.68.2ee51b90GAdiDa&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_1_10152_10151_10701_10065_10344_10068_10342_10343_10340_10341_10696_10695_10694_10693_10692_10084_10083_10618_10307_10301_10303_5711211_10313_10059_10534_100031_10103_10624_10623_10622_10621_10620-10701,searchweb201603_50,ppcSwitch_7&algo_expid=aeb2cfa9-8160-4892-a249-ac810a703db6-10&algo_pvid=aeb2cfa9-8160-4892-a249-ac810a703db6&transAbTest=ae803_4&priceBeautifyAB=0 As Previous said - I need all the help that I can get
  4. 34 minutes ago #1 Hi Because of where my job is located I drive about 700 km every week. Many of the roads I drive are in the woods without fences. There have been several accidents on these roads with people smashing into deers as they jump out of nowhere. Also more severe accidents with bigger animals as full grown Moose and Wild Boar. I had a few close calls myself. My main complaint is that the hiting and every friday when I dry home from work it is usually pitch dark. Even whith half-life and main beams for me at least, it's not enough in terms of safety. That is the reason that I want to install this night vision system in my car as I figure this would give me a clearer vision and better chances to avoid accidents. I want to install a long range night vision system in my car. At first I found this product: https://www.alibaba.com/product-det...038.html?spm=a2700.8443308.0.0.89763e5fLsVZqf I know that their camera is using the Sony Sony IMX322 lens. However after searching around the internet it seems very hard to find IR-cameras with a viewing distance longer than 10 - 20 which makes me wonder íf the data is inaccurate when the reading in the specs that the camera do have 100 - 200m night vision viewing distance. Please check out the link and tell me what you think. I would like to try to build this camera setup myself from different components. I was hoping to get help from more technically advanced members here on this forum. I guess adding IR-LEDs would help lighting up dark roads during night time. But what is the actual effective range for IR-LEDs? Yes I know, I have a several questions and I know very little about any of this. All help, pointers, anything is of great value. If anyone know a car DVR camera or easily modded camera with the required specs pleast point me that way So the idea is either have the IR-camera mounted in the cealing near the rearview mirror facing out front. It shall be connected to my, either by USB, RCA or preferably WIFI Android tablet that is attached on the airvents grills. Any help, tips, pointers. knowledge or ideas are much appreciated. Or even someone just explaining to me where I can find more info on how to build a IR-camera with long range. For example I need help to choose componenters for the camera, lences etc etc. I know basically knothing about this but I really want to get this safety system installed in my car. Thanks!