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  1. you can find some from Hikvison,http://cn.hikvision.com/en/epro2.asp?id=177&classid=134&bgclassid=107&act=b&classname=
  2. Let me tell you the composition of the cost of ip camera , we considered only think about cost of materials, regardless of the brand 1: First sensor, coms of the lowest cost - followed by sharp ccd-sony ccd 2: Compression format: M-JPEG-"MPEG4-> H.264 and other reason: audio, double-stream, megapixels ,TVL,PTZ and so on. but this 9060ls i can sure it is the coms and M-JPEG,60 usd is good price,but not the best price.
  3. hi,i want to tell you,that is easy to install,just as a mini computer,it has the Lan ip,like,and http port like 80,and dns,and getway,so if you know the pc install,that is ok.
  4. long520

    CCTV Camera Life Span

    really agree with your said,you pay money,you get quality.most people is like save the money,of cause save the quality.
  5. long520

    Hikvision IP cameras

    What are you saying? I cant understand this one? JD i mean,the same model,in china,maybe cost 1000usd,but in usa or euro,less then 500usd.
  6. long520

    Best Camera of this type

    i am sure you should find it from china,why?because too many camera manufacturers,maybe ther can Custom the camera for u.at least from the outside of camera , I knew that there are 30 manufacturers can produce, and even the pinhole i had look.
  7. long520

    USB cameras

    you need to know where the Disadvantage about usb cable, it can only be extended to a maximum of 20 meters .
  8. long520

    PTZ Analogue?

    £150,i think you can get the constant speed dome camera,not high speed dome camera.the other Features like one of that:1/3 sony ccd ,480 TVL,F:5-60mm,12X zooming,LUX: 0.01LUX and so on.many options you have,even you have chance to get a constant speed dome ip camera for this price,but i am not sure that's ip camera have a low lux.
  9. long520

    ptz needed

    view the auto tracking high speed dome camera demo,it isFCB-EX480CP ,the important is price is good.
  10. long520

    Need some Help finding a camera.

    Infrared High speed dome camera Dome
  11. great,dear friend,because i am so busy today,i can not come here. i just want to tell u,maybe there are a little diffcult to find the first camera,but the second camera,i think you can get it from the IT store,just tell them you need Vimicro 301 or 301p ic,then,i think you will slove your problem
  12. usd 36-38 usd 5-7 it is the camera that you need,This is the price in China,how can you get it,i think the best way is look for it in your country.i think the Freight expensive than the equipment costs
  13. there are threetypes of 3G ipcam
  14. Based on your actual situation, you should choose a dvr + analog cameras, get the same image, dvr lower cost .
  15. long520

    Hikvision IP cameras

    I am really shocked that hikviso products sold in China than in the price of overseas sales to more than double.