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  1. bigoliver

    Hi from Yorkshire, UK

    Hi TomCCTV, Thanks for your reply. I guess I'd be happy with 5mp or less on many of the cameras. I believe I'd get a much better deal buying my camera set up, on AliExpress and they have a good range of dahua products. That's the reasons why I wanted to buy from China. I think all, or atleast most, CCTV systems come from China anyway?
  2. In my OP I typed in the name of a brand and it has been edited with "[junk software]" Whys that?
  3. Hi All, New here. I have some, but very little experience, with CCTV cameras. I would certainly call myself a noob, but I'm reading a lot and learning as I go. Firstly I intend to run 11 POE cameras at first, possibly increasing this number. I have already ran Cat6a cables, I currently have 4 internal Ethernet cables ran for cameras and 7 ran for external cameras. I looking to invest around £2k to £3K GBP ($2,800 - $4,200 USD). I want h.265 HEVC, 4K. Ill be connecting to a Netgear 24 port network switch with a shared total POE load of 190W. I would probably prefer to record to external HDDs that I intend to connect to my switch and data cabinet. I hear a lot of good things about Dahua, but I'm also considering Hikvision and other brands like Milesight. I've also heard god thing about Andy "EMPIRETECANDY" and his AliExpress shop. My first question, is Dahua a good choice? I would like opinions I would also like recommendations for the NVR. I would like 4k capabilities, h.265 codec, option to have upto at least 25 cameras, and a good all round performance. I hoping to avoid a few mistakes and learn from other people. I want to get this right. Many thanks for reading, Oliver
  4. bigoliver

    Hi from Yorkshire, UK

    Hello everyone, I currently have a 1080p hybrid set up of 4x analogue Sannce CCTV cameras and 3x generic IP ONVIF cameras. Its a cheap setup but produces some surprisingly excellent quality footage. I am moving house and I'm in the market to upgrade to a 10+ poe ip camera set up. I like gadgets and Im happy to invest a few thousand pounds into a good setup. Im currently looking at 4K Dahua and Hikvison NVR and camera set up. I am still open to the idea of other brands and have just heard about Milesight which also looks good? I understand Andy "EMPIRETECANDY" at AliExpress is a good place to buy Dahua I intend to read as much of this forum as I can. I will no doubt have a lot of questions that I hope the good people of this forum will be able to help me with. I'm going to get reading this great forum now. Thanks, Oliver