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  1. CCTVSi

    CCTV Hardrive recovery

    The monitor output doesn't work so its not possible to see anything on the screen, (I've tried connecting a new monitor but didn't help) this is why I took the hard drive out. I thought I would be able to view it as you would an external hard drive.
  2. Hi all, I was recently burgled and my CCTV system had stopped working, but there is a small chance that the camera caught some footage. I have removed the hard drive from the recorder and Im trying to access it as an external hard drive on my computer, but I can't seem to get it to be recognised. The hard drive is a Western Digital 1TB purple SATA I have plugged it into my external HDD converter, and plugged it into a Mac and also Windows 10 machine but can't view any of the files. The drive can be seen, but I can't mount it or accesses it to view anything. Appreciate any help with this, hoping someone else might of had this issues. Thanks in advance, Si