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  1. Hi tomcctv, no, I just thought this would be simple to setup. There's no mention on their website or in the user manual about using DNS or external IP addresses. This is from their website: Living Printing.Observe your model in real time. It’s not easy to watch a model, which need prints for tens of hours. Inventor equipped with a camera, whether at home or outside work, can always check the print status. You can still record the print video to record each print moment.
  2. yes, i click on the yellow icon then i click on the + sign to add device, then select wifi config and connect to my home network then i click on "OK" and the phone starts scanning for the camera. it then suggests to reset the camera on the printer if the phone does not see the camera which i have done numerous times to no avail. here is a short video direct from flashforge support showing the procedure here is some text from the flashforge user guide 7.3.2 Local Login 1. Tap [Tool]-[Setting]-[Camera] , it will represent follow interface(7-8), then tap [On] to turn on camera WiFi signal, you can see “Turned on” at the top left corner. Inventor User Guide | www.FlashForge.com 64 400-699- 1063 7-8 2. Connect your mobile phone to an available WiFi, then open XMEye app select local login, tap [+] which is on the top right to add device. 7-9 3. Select [WiFi Config], enter the password of the the WiFi, check the following two dialogs that you have done and tap [Complete all of the above operation]. 7-10 4. Tap [Reset] on the printer touch screen, tap [Yes] on the pop-up box 7-11 5. The app starts to scan the available camera, if a green point comes up it means configured correctly, otherwise, you need to start from the first step. Tap the green point coming up the following figure 7-12, and then tap [OK]
  3. hi, i'm in the uk. isp: virgin media using their super hub 3 forwarded ports are: 80, 443, 544, 8000, 8200 and 8899
  4. not sure if this is in the correct section so admins please move if incorrect hi, i have a 3d printer which has a wifi camera to monitor prints when away from home as some prints can take hours or in some cases days to print. it is a Flashforge Inventor. it uses the XMEye app to connect to it. i can connect to the camera directly with my phone when i am in the same room but it will not connect though my home network which would enable me to remote view my print progress when away from home. i've been in touch with Flashforge support by email and they could not resolve my issue. they are now saying the xmeye app does not work outside of china and are working to find another app that will work. i don't believe this as there must be thousands of cameras around the world that use the xmeye app, actually there's a uk company called green feathers that sell wildlife cameras that look almost identical to mine and they use the xmeye app and they even have support videos showing how to connect the camera. i've attached photos showing the camera and a screenshot of my computers wifi in which it shows both the printer and camera are transmitting and are available for direct connection. the camera is listed as a xmjp_beye_xxxx. does anyone have a solution so i can view my camera remotely, i bought my printer 2nd hand so i cannot ask for a new replacement camera but when new these printers cost just under £1300 and i think its wrong that they haven't got a reliable app if that is the case. i've also tried five different phones to no avail, four android and one apple phone i'm in the uk. isp: virgin media using their super hub 3 forwarded ports are: 80, 443, 544, 8000, 8200 and 8899
  5. cbbella

    poe switch in loft

    thanks for the info, is this the sort of thing i would require as the power range of my nvr poe ports is 0-30.0w: https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/30034-zyxel-gs1200-5hp-gb0101f/ regards
  6. hi, i have a hikvision nvr with poe ports and 4x4mp hikvision poe cameras. i'd like to run the cat cables into my loft to a poe switch then one cable down to the nvr. the cables will be no longer than 25 metres. my question is does the poe switch need to be powered by an adapter or are there unpowered one's available as i don't have any plug sockets in my loft. i know i could run a power cable up to the switch but if there are unpowered one's available that would be better
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    hi to all