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    Hello :)

    Hi Warez4pc, I'm new here also. Hope we both benefit and possibly contribute. Stan
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    Difficulty with remote access

    Thanks tomcctv, Does mobile platform refer to the cell phone? I currently have an iPhone 4S and my wife has a newer iPhone but I do not have info on it available right now.
  3. I previously had remote access to our four-camera home surveillance system through a computer with internet access and through an app on my iPhone. I purchased the package system five years ago form a company in Oregon. The system apparently was put together by Gen IV Technology. Everything has been satisfactory except the initial remote access set up was a challenge and sometime during the past several months all remote access has stopped working. And I know enough about this stuff to get myself in trouble. My immediate objective is to regain mobile access on iPhone because of upcoming travel. The app is Gen IV Technology's G4MX Plus. Those folks tell me to talk with my ISP which is Spectrum. When I first got the camera system Spectrum provided me with an updated modem/router to get the mobile access up and going and when I talk with their technician now I'm told that the proper routing etc. is set up. Yet, no access. In doing some digging on line I found that the G4MX Plus app has been removed from the app store so that makes it more confusing. Is anybody reading this who uses or has experience with the G4MX Plus app? If so, any suggestions or comments? My long term objective is to upgrade to a system that can accommodate more cameras and provide remote access that is more user friendly (dummy proof). I'm probably looking at eight cameras with ability to add up to four more if needed. Any comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Stan
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    Hello to all, I joined today looking forward to learning and sharing, primarily having to do with residential surveillance camera systems. Stan