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  1. all sorted now, suddenley had a brainwave and remembered the password. thanks
  2. Hi. Switch your recorder off for 20 mins then restart. Then try each of these codes 008756 437056 246904 tried all 3 tom, none worked
  3. hi i have qvis pioneer and have forgotten my password. date is 2018-08-23 please can anyone help? thank you
  4. Any help please? @tomcctv ?
  5. hi there, i have changed my internet and also email and i need to get into my system to change the settings and guess what ive forgotten my admin password, is there a way someone can help me please? the date showing is 2018-08-23 @tomcctv can you help with the unit please? many thanks chris
  6. mcmental

    qvis pioneer quattro email

    well i changed my email password then i went back to the dvr and put the new password in and it started working, well for about 10 mins then it told me wrong username again. any ideas please???
  7. mcmental

    qvis pioneer quattro email

    still no joy if anyone can help?
  8. mcmental

    qvis pioneer quattro email

    well i give up now, ive followed everything and still get username error. enable is ticked changed passwords got correct smtp correct port rebooted router and dvr no option to tick pictures
  9. mcmental

    qvis pioneer quattro email

    still struggling with this, i have now tried gmail,tiscali,virgin email accounts, even tried setting the dns after speaking to @tom. every one of them tells me wrong username. will i be best doing a factory reset on the box and starting again? thanks in advance chris
  10. Morning all, i have just installed my new dvr and im struggling with a couple of bits so im here asking for help. i had the email setup so it sent me an alarm if the motion detected anything this just send an email telling me which camera but i was wondering if theres a way to send a snapshot? im using explorer app and that gives me the option but it doesnt do what it says on the tin!! now i noticed this morning that not 1 of the cats on the street have triggered it to send me an email so i went into the menu and now it tells me my email username is wrong( it was right last night when sending emails to me) im using a tiscali email address with port 587, itried to use my gmail address but it didnt work at all. i have virgin internet at home. any ideas please????
  11. mcmental

    Replacement dvr

    Sorry Tom, forgot to put budget. I know it’s not a lot but I’ve got £200 set aside for the dvr, I’m in the uk
  12. mcmental

    Replacement dvr

    At the moment I have mvpower th-7108he and it’s not great, eseenet always fails etc etc etc so I’m looking for a new dvr. What would you recommend? I would like to keep my bnc cameras, I know they not great but it’s just for home and they give me enough coverage for what I need. Thanks Chris
  13. Hi there I changed my password before and have logged in a few times since but now it’s telling me wrong password I have unplugged and removed battery. The date on screen is 1970-01-01 could anyone help with a password please? Thanks Chris
  14. mcmental

    newbie question

    It’s for home use.