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  1. Hello, I am looking to buy a security camera system. The information available is very hit and miss and I would like the input of knowledgeable persons in the field. I am handy with tools and can install any system myself I'm sure. I am looking for a wired system that I can set up for phone notifications. If possible for my price range I would even like one that I can manage/store video on a computer so I can backup certain sections of video to another location securely. Not sure exactly what I need resolution wise, the locations I want to monitor would be mostly within the 50 ft mark but more distance is always better. I would like to be able to recognize a person and a license plate at the 50 ft mark but some cameras would be much closer than that, is it advisable to get different cameras on a single system to bring down price point? I know for sure I would like at least HD and more than 2MP resolution at a minimum. I would like to keep the price at around 1000USD or less if possible to cover all these parameters. I have been searching for hours and the information is too basic and/or people asking the same questions. Thank you so much for any advice on this field, I am new to it.