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  1. thank you.. yes, it is embedded at the camera, i tried already removed it and connect directly to the switch.it works no problem,but the mac address is not the same from the sticker printed. i am looking a solution until now how to edit the mac address and copy with same MAC at the device..i am using ipolis manager.
  2. it is a wired connection,samsung sno-7084r model
  3. it should be..but the mac address is not the same when i opened it at ipolis manager, where i could config the device and assigned ip addresses.maybe someone out there knows about this problem.
  4. i had a samsung ip cam and almost 70 devices connected in one network. last few days i have noticed one device has a different MAC Address from the device itself. it appears in ipolis manager like 00.09.18.FF.FF.FF. there is a conflict if i add another device to the network. Does anyone knows how to put or change it to device mac address itself?