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    LCD monitor question

    try Security Camera Direct
  2. Secuology Inc

    CRT Monitors vs. VGA

    I feel what you mean, but, LCD is the future. if you can find some good LCD monitor for demo, then, your clients' will be knee to purchase the LCD rather CRT. Because, regular consumer LCD sold in major retail stores are cheap, but, they can't compare professionally manufacture security monitors. I know the casing on the outside is the same, but, internally, manufacture have strenghten componets inside to withstand 27/7 durability (Well, most of them does). My point is: you have to consider all index of performance when compare CRT and LCD. Then, the choice is obvious~
  3. Secuology Inc

    Monitor for DSP output

    thats a pretty good deal, hope it had all the connector you need it~ good luck
  4. Secuology Inc

    Monitor for DSP output

    how much was that 22inch WH?
  5. Hello 123CCTV I know its an old thread, but, anyways, can't really pinponit the problem, however, if we had to blame the LCD, the LCD main board, which process the analog signal source, might be faulty. suggest take it back to manufacture have them fix it. good luck~
  6. Hello krumpit, up-grade your analog switch to elimnate the "black out" or "no signal" display time length. Normally it takes about 1~2 seconds for LCD to detect the signal straight up~ however, if the switcher is constantly giving the source of signal it might be little shorter.
  7. Secuology Inc

    I have some question.........please.

    Perfect solution for under 2K~
  8. Secuology Inc

    Focus tools

    I agree with Rick, get a portable LCD, about 7 in, some models carry lithium-ion battery within, to service camera. BNC and other accessory jack is avaliable as well. top end model has video signal level meter.
  9. Secuology Inc

    LCD Monitor problems

    Ron, is monitor still under warranty?
  10. Secuology Inc

    Please help a newbie diagnose this problem

    Let keep the finger cross, however, i doubt the problem is in LCD monitor. IMHO
  11. I agreed with VST, digital is the future, no doubt about it. Just think digital waveform is everywhere.
  12. Secuology Inc

    New kid on the block

    saw your website, pretty awesome! Lots of info!
  13. Secuology Inc

    New kid on the block

    hello All, Just got into this community, lots to learn so little time. Looking forward to get more knowledge from CCTV application. cheers,