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  1. letullio

    Hikvision - the channel does not exist

    I have changed the cable. I have installed a new FTP cable with baluns and a power supply per camera. The message is still appearing. Does anybody have an idea ? thanks
  2. letullio

    Hikvision - the channel does not exist

    Ok, i will change the cable. But, do you say the problem is the DVR? Because i tried with two differents models ds-7208hqhi-f1/nio4a and DS-7208HQHI-K1 and i have the same problem. However, with the 720p dvr DS-7104HGHI. It works perfectly, although it is 720p and the cameras 1080p 2MP. Thanks in advance
  3. letullio

    Hikvision - the channel does not exist

    Yes, it is all compatible. The cameras are HD TVI hikvision 4.0 and the dvr is hikvision compatible... I think the same with the cable. The image quality is perfect but I don't know what to do...
  4. letullio

    Hikvision - the channel does not exist

    May that cable be causing that problems? I should replace it for utp cable and baluns? Previously, that cable was used by a generic ahd dvr.
  5. letullio

    Hikvision - the channel does not exist

    Hi, thanks for answer. I've checked the sequence mode and it is disabled. But if it were enabled, the dvr will switch between cameras at the same seconds. I mean, every X seconds, the dvr will switch the camera. In this case, the sequence mode it is disabled and the message appears randomly along the day. I attached an image of the cable. It is prearmed.
  6. Hello everyone. I write to you because I have a problem with a DVR that I installed. Sorry for my bad english. Previously the client had a system with 4 generic cameras working correctly from a kit. I only changed the cameras and the DVR leaving the armed cable that they already had in place. (cable is without baluns) The DVR is a DS-7208HQHI-F1 The problem is: randomly shows a sign with the title Attention and with the message "The channel does not exist" and the OK button. He does it several times a day. In addition, the live view is changed to a single camera, usually to channel 8. That is, we are seeing 2x2 cameras from 1 to 4, and suddenly it is only passed to channel 8 in full screen. And since the DVR has only 4 cameras connected, there is NO VIDEO in full screen. I took it to the warranty and I left the customer a DS 7104HGHI. Result: in the guarantee the DVR says that it works perfect, and the 7104 the client does not present that problem. Confused with this episode, I left the client a new DS-7208HQHI-K1 but WHEN CONNECTING IT PRESENTS THE SAME PROBLEM. Can it be the old cable that is causing this inconvenience? Thank you for reading. I attach an image of the message that is shown every time.