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  1. jasburrito

    Just about to put together system.

    Thanks for the clarification. I was not a straight A student. I said I was open minded to the thought of different software. I came here to learn and share. I am not apposed to adding a graffix card. But my computer buddy thought the blue iris would run fine on the factory built in graffix. We will get 2 more cameras. Looking for a fixed lens 15 to 20mm plus now. Please suggest ways to make it better or correct. Huge thanks. Fyi.. I have been into many hobbies and activities. This security camera info is harder to obtain for whatever reason. Noted. He has fiber optic lines for internet. Couple firestick remotes as well as roku. TV s are smart. Thought I saw apps for blue iris that connect to smart phones,as well as firestick and roku. 2 cool.
  2. jasburrito

    Just about to put together system.

    Why do you have to trash on me and my project? I was very excited to share and learn. I am a newbie. I said I know little about computers. I started with 7 boxes of 250ft each. (My bad math) Google results all say USB to hdmi is 1080. What's another 60 for a license. He already has a g into it. Please stay positive and help. This is a super fun project for us. Thanks again for your interest. Items cat6 7 boxes at $30 per box. Rj45 kit $50. Wd purp 4tb $115. Mini tower with windows 10 $150. 4 dahau cameras from empire Andy $460. Bv poe + switch $80. Keyboard mouse combo $20. USB TO HDMI $10. waiting on 4tb hd and keyboard. Being shipped from Amazon.
  3. jasburrito

    Just about to put together system.

    Thanks I am gonna need it. Seems I will be able to get 1080 resolution. None of the cat 6 run are over 250ft. I have a pie + switch 8 port. All cameras going to switch. Cat6 from poe switch to router. Cat 6 from router to any location that has a TV. So I can put the mini tower where I choose. I ran extra cat6 wires for future locations and possible infrastructure. Pretty sure that's how it works . This is my second built. 1st was with wireless cams about 7 years ago. They stunk. If I have wires going wrong please advise me on correct hook ups. Thanks again for a great site.
  4. jasburrito

    Just about to put together system.

    Thanks again. O no do not say that. There's a video out that is USB. So I ordered adaptor to hdmi. All my research showed that blue iris is the best. Think its 60 a year. I am open minded though. There are 10 cat 6 wires ran to possible camera spots. I plan on only using 6. Cat wires to all TVs. The switch is a poe .+. So all camera cat6 wires to poe plus switch. Poe switch to router. Router to a main entertainmet area were mini tower can be controlled easy.Thanks again.
  5. jasburrito

    Just about to put together system.

    I appreciate your interest. Seems info on these subjects is limited . Started with 7 250ft boxes and ran some all around house. With camera wires terminating in a storage room. Kinda made a network. The back of the mini tower has USB and VGA output. Gonna hook mini tower to a main TV. Thought that adaptor is what I needed. My friend knows lots about computers. Me not so much. Blue iris can run many random cameras if needed. Nvr is more brand specific. To run min tower. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B074RH938Y/ref=mp_s_a_1_22?ie=UTF8&qid=1523662574&sr=8-22&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=wireless+keyboard+mouse+combo&dpPl=1&dpID=61fRo270APL&ref=plSrch
  6. Thanks for having a great forum. I am in the process of putting together a system for a friend. Here is what he collected so far. Cat 6 wires all over. 1250ft. 4 dahau starlight. 2.8 and 3.6. Bv Poe + switch 8 port. 3020 mini tower i5 4570 with widows 10 and wd4tb. USB to hdmi. keyboard joystick. Rj45 kit.thinking of running blue iris. Hope we chose components wisely. Any advise or tips would be appreciated. I am very excited to build this system. Cheers
  7. jasburrito

    Hello from usa

    Hey hey it's my 1st post. Thanks for having a great site.