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  1. How do you connect a moulded 3 core (red, white, unshielded) cable to a power and BNC video balun + - ? which is which ?
  2. A mechanic friend of mine has acquired a garage premises and he asked me to look at the CCTV system for him that's already installed. There are only 2 camera's about 15ft on the front of the bay doors looking out and close together, the quality of these is poor. Both have BNC + DC cable to them. I managed to get his existing MaxxDigital Raven standalone H264 8ch to stream live to his home and phone so the next part is upgrading the camera's and possibly adding 1 or 2 more if and when needed. Each camera run will be 25m - 30m from the DVR. He said he would love at least one main PTZ camera with decent zoom at the front so he can set it to zoom in a day showing car reg plates then zoom out at night to show the yard. So 3 cameras in total ( one been a PTZ), all running BNC with DC from a 12v 8 way separate psu. I am totally lost and confused regarding which brand and type and lense. We have a budget for all three at about £175-£200 depending on quality. If anyone can please help me with a few suggestions that would be a huge help to him to secure his new business
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    Raven H264

    A friend is struggling to get his UAS RAVEN H264 to work remotely say at home on his phone. I tried to help him as my knowledge of port forwarding is not that bad and I have set my own system up. After forwarding and saving he ports on his router I tried to log in via my phone but I am having no success what so ever. The IP of the RAVEN is fine and I can see it in his router but it's not letting it pump a picture out Anyone have a RAVEN H264 who can point me in the right direction ? do I use the web port or the client port from the RAVEN network section
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    hi all

    Just a quick hello from a newbie