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  1. darrenm

    New building

    This is all very helpful. Thank you. Infinias does not seem to have a keypad/fob reader that is single gang. Do you all use another company for that? They don’t seem to have a video doorbell option either. Would you use a different vender for that? Does Axis have all that ?
  2. darrenm

    New building

    If I understand correct, each door has an IP controller that powers the lock. A motion sensor also wires to the controller, and so does the fob/keypad? PoE should be able to provide the door power. Can it be any fob/keypad? Seems the fob/keypad need to connect to the server/database for verification.
  3. I’m working on a new building that’s 1000ft X 270ft and 10 doors that require access control. Given the size of the building it will have PoE at every door. Each door needs to have both keypad and fob access. One door also requires video/doorbell managed by 2 different tenants. I’m thinking the video doorbell could make a SIP video call to each tenant. I’m struggling with systems to look at that support all of this. What have others done for a setup like this?
  4. darrenm

    NVR with remote stations

    I am setting up 16 camera and with an NVR. My current plan is to use all HikVision products for that, but I'm not fixed on it. This is in a large building (1000ft X 270ft) with cameras spread around. The NVR will be in the server room, far away from where the monitors need to be, and used for multi-day recording and offsite viewing (ex: mobile phone). It also needs to have workstations inside the building showing 1-2 cameras. Can the IVMS-4200 software be installed on a PC, placed wherever in the building, and point to the NVR for cameras to view live? Is that possible? How do people do this type of setup?