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  1. Hey! I have a Simrad Navico 4G Radar and a BOSCH IP AutoDome 7000 HD camera. For a project I am trying to get information from the radar to the camera. Then the radar can detect, say, a person or a boat, and then get the camera to find this object that the radar has given information about. From what I have found, what we need to use is "Slew To Cue". It seems that, for example, Pure Tech Systems has a program, called PureActiv Workstation where a radar-image is shown and has the feature "Slew To Cue". Does anyone have experience with this? I cannot see any information regarding download or purchase. If anyone has another idea of how we can achieve "Slew To Cue" from our radar to our camera, it would be greatly appriciated! If there is some information I have forgotten to add, please do reply and I will respond as soon as I can.