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  1. Dear all, I am just struggling with my new VTO2000A. Received it out of the box with the non SIP firmware, so I changed the FW to the V3.300.0000 which was no problem at all using the Config Tool V3.20.0. I could log in using the port 3800 and also the upgrade was no problem at all. so fine so good. But then I noticed that with this FW version I could not register new RFID tags with the VTO2000 RFID module (the fingerprint module still works with this FW). So I wanted to "fall back"to the FW version V1.000.0 (R20170425). But now suddenly I have no chance any more to log in with the configuration tool on port 3800. The "normal"port 37777 still works with the config tool, but using this port neither a flash nor a FW update is possible. Can anybody confirm this behaviour, and much more important, does anybody know how to get the Firmware changed again? Thank you very much and best greetings Chris